Creative Entrepreneurship 2012 Class Profiles: Victor Lloo

Name: Victor Lloo
Location: Nairobi
Occupation: Poet, Screen Play Writer and a Performing Musician

I am  young poet, musician and film screen play writer. music, poetry and films are three different things but via my creativity i have managed to circumnavigate forth and backward.
I am inspired by life and that’s why my stories enchant the good times and the bad times of the people that live in it.
Musically i have performed in the following venue: Michael Joseph Centre, Sarakasi Dome, National Archives, National Museums and Kenya Cultural Centre.

My life Cycle
In my artist life cycle I have gone through the following;
Community health educator
Assist in training Yoga

Other incidental skills I possess are; I can play guitar, I engage in drawing and can do bead work.

Performing at Nairobi International School

Benefits of creatives economy class
The class was very amazing, many things were tought and all of them proved to be important to me as an artist, things like drafting and interpreting a contract agreement were of great help to me.
via this class i got to know the importance of lab logging, self i-archiving and documentation. i also had a good lecture time with those who have made it, their struggles and achievement, encouragements and inspiration….mos def i would recommend this class to any aspiring, practicing artist out there!!!

On going task:
im currently working on a film script that was inspired by a poem that i wrote about the tough times that took place in Turkana, those sad moments of famine and drought, a brother dying while another kid left unaware of the situation.the film will incorporate poetry and normal dialogue.Any hands in producing the film is welcomed

cell No. 0712619665


About Creative Enterprise Programme Kenya

Programme run by the GoDown Arts Centre in partnership with other stakeholders
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