Creative Entrepreneurship 2012 Class Profiles: Jackie Wokila

The Caption

Name: Jackie Evelyn Wokila
Location: Nairobi
Occupation: Performing Artist (Actress) and Film Script Writer

As a recent come back,av worked with several studios and shot films that are yet to be aired. Am also i Participatory Educational Theater for entertainment and education.
Recently been involved in the civic Education programs on Human Rights,Peace Building and Constitution Implementation.

Life cycle
My Artistic Creativity in Performing Arts was realized back when i was a teenager in high school. Born in the 80’s of a very traditional polygamous home, Art was not recognized as a serious career to be perused. I was at the Kenya National Theater shortly involved in various groups doing Set books and a few adverts like for The EverReady Paka Power.
I left for education where i perused my career and was in employment but with my choice of career,Theater was calling stronger than than my system could take. I made a come back after nine years and am proud to say……….

Am a Performing Artist that inspires at every space i occupy by educating and entertaining through my acting and writing and with this, my personality motivates me to give more to my audience and bring change to spaces required by teaching,training and educating with knowledge acquired.

Introduction of Theater Performances for Entertainment


About Creative Enterprise Programme Kenya

Programme run by the GoDown Arts Centre in partnership with other stakeholders
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