Creative Entrepreneurship 2012 Class Profiles: OttomatiQ Percussion Dj

Name: Antiper Otto Padwa
Location: Nairobi
Occupation: Percussion Dj.

I am the 1st born in family of 4 siblings……2 sistaz 1(late) brother. My father was a great drummist/percussionist and my mum loved singing and i guess thats where i got my talents from.

Though I used to sketch and draw graffiti and anything that would catch my eye,that was my 1st voice….I discovered dancing,rapping,playing drums/percussions and djeeying much later in my growing up coz muzik and sound is the love of my life!

life cycle
I am currently a drummist/percussionist at K.A.G south c but i would want to fuse my drumming with djeeing to spice up and introduce a whole new level of dj performance solo!!

I play drums and percussion at K.A.G south c almost every other sunday part time mavuno church(green house) have djeeyed for a fundraiser at Highrise estate,have djeeyed at a KCA graduation after party 2006.played drums at Utawala K.A.G

Distinguishing needs from wantz through muzik and wants
My mission is to Introduce the greater level of sound and live muzik in Kenya moving out into east and central Africa.

Creative Entrepreneurship Class
This course has been the best thing that has happened to me this year because I have been empowered on my voice and I have known how to invest economically educationally, i now know how to create a hypothesis for my research, I have gotten good networks for my creative exposure and improvement. I have learned how to pitch for a business proposal and how to make a business strategy,how to come up with a business vision and mission to add substance to my creativity.

18 month plan: to join a dj school and learn how to use this tech machines and players so that i would fuse them with my percussions,then learn how to set up good quality sound and lighting systemz


About Creative Enterprise Programme Kenya

Programme run by the GoDown Arts Centre in partnership with other stakeholders
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