Creative Entrepreneurship 2012 Class II Profiles: Lydia Nyambura Gitachu

Name: Lydia Nyambura Gitachu
Occupation: Performing Artist – Theatre
Location: Nairobi
I can confidently say that I am now at the turning point stage.I had to start from the beginning as a set book actor until now I have mastered my art and going to behind the scenes.
I started my artistic career as a theatre practinioner in 2001,starting with set books.I did this for about a year and a half before doing my first tv commercial in 2002,proceeding to Phoenix players and doing my first big international theatre piece that was titled ‘Winds of Change’.In the same year,I was cast in the play’Sound of Music’ produced by Sterling Quality Company.Since then I have never looked back.
To date I have done more than six local tv shows,numerous locally produced movies,radio and tv commercials,international tv shows and movies and lately internationally sponsored plays.In 2010 I was priviledged to do a 3 month touring how in the UK with a theatre company known as Trestle Theatre Company,the previous two years before I did a BBC tv series that really catapulted my career to international standards.
I have been to India and performed in a festival there and in April this year I graced the Globe Shakespeare Theatre in London,performing Merry Wives of Windsor in Kiswahili.We gor a 5 star from The Guardian for this performance.
As of now,am looking to go behind the scenes and become a producer of plays.Hopefully everything works out well

Burn my Heart Promo video


18 months Plan
Media 4 productions is in registry process.We have found a group willing to sponsor the first play so in January,rehearsals start and we stage the play in February.
We put up another play or in case of lack of theatre space we will travel with the play performed previously.For the rest of the year and beyond.I plan to stick with theatre shows production with no preference of is the stage.


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