Creative Entrepreneurship 2012 Class II Profiles: June Otieno

Name: June Otieno
Occupation: Interior Design
Location: Nairobi

It is through décor and ornaments that true ambiance can be formed and brought out. Beauty is all around us and thus we would like to make it more apparent and bring it closer to our clients. It is through this venture that we would like to explore the mixture of both African and Western art in the form of décor and ornaments and creates a warm and satisfying experience for our clients. In our research, we realize there is a niche for good quality and affordable décor and ornaments for different occasions and venues.

I am a Visual Artist, whose main focus is Interior and Exterior Decor. I use the beauty around us to create an ambiance that is warm and satisfying to those who experience it.
The combination of different materials and textures allows me to bring out a person’s personality, while enjoying that which is your ‘Castle or Empire’.

1. To create provide the much needed décor and ornaments devoid of the ‘market’ mentality
2. Provide high quality products at a pocket friendly price
3. Provide unique décor and ornaments for all occasions, spaces and individuals
4. To become the leading décor and ornament suppliers as well as consultants in Africa

Portfolio 1
Portfolio 2
Our mission is to provide quality décor and ornaments in different styles to accommodate all tastes, at a pocket friendly price. Satisfied clients are our priority

18 months Plan
I am a creative and capturing id what I do best. I will not reinvent the wheel rather I will make it more appealing to whoever needs something new and fresh in their lives. It is through this creatives course that I have learnt the importance of research, networking and enhancing ones skills. I have been challenged on may occasions to think out of the box and plan myself. Using the guide below, these are the things I would like to put together in the next 18 months, it is a bit hard to put timelines but I am giving myself

1. Putting the business structures in place; I am currently working on administrative issues – Jan – April ( 4 months)
2. Research: Sourcing materials, who to work with – May – Aug ( 4 months )
3. Market research: local and abroad – Sept – Dec ( 4 months )
4. Budgeting strategy: Sales, funding, loans – Jan – April ( 4 months )
5. PR and Marketing – May – August (4 months )
6. Opening up an art space or gallery where creatives can come and not only express themselves but also find a place to showcase themselves – Sept – Dec (4 months)
7. I would like to capture moments, and what says it better than a photo, so I will explore and learn through this medium – through out the 18 month plan


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