Creative Entrepreneurship 2012 Class II Profiles: Jack Bryton

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Name: Jack Bryton
Occupation: Dance & Contemporary Art
Location: Nairobi
Jack bryton is a multitalented Dancer, Singer and Drummer based in Nairobi Kenya. He has for the last five years concentrated more on the field of contemporary dance. He went through a 3 year dance training programme under Dance Forum-Nairobi through the artistic direction of Kebaya Moturi.

Through his career as a dancer, he has worked in different productions with different choreographers and directors such as Aloyce Makonde the Artistic director of the annual Visa2dance festival from Tanzania, Opiyo Okach a Kenyan choreographer based in France and the Artistic director of Gaara projects, and Adedayo M. Liadi of Nigeria.

In 2010 Jack performed in the annual visa2dance festival in Dar es salaam Tanzania, 2years later he performed in the first Kenyan musical opera under the directorship of Mrs. Alakie Mboya. He has participated in Dance laboratory 1 and 2 organized by Gaara projects.
In September/October 2012, he was among 20 dancers and choreographers across Africa that performed in Chrysalides Kenyan Edition. Currently jack is in a production “Colorless Voices” which premiered in Rwanda choreographed by Keffa Oiro and he as the assistant choreographer.
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