Creative Entrepreneurship 2012 Class II Profiles: Naomi Wanjiru – Lonesomebounty

Name: Naomi Wanjiru -Lonesomebounty
Occupation: Performing artist and writer [Stage Name: Lonesomebounty]
Location: Nairobi
Social Media
Facebook: Lonesomebounty Inc
Twitter: @lonesomebounty
Youtube: Lonesomebounty TV
Soundcloud: Lonesomebounty

My Story
I have always been dramatic. Since childhood. And because of that, I never really fitted in. Until I came across the art world and its lovely people in 2006. It was wonderful!!! I loved the stage, I loved seeing my face on a billboard, most of all, I liked the chance to do things my way (well not quite but it was better than the world I was trying to escape).
If you meet me on the road, and you are late, just hurriedly say hi and move on. Because if you stop, I will no doubt have a story for you. And mine tend to be quite long. I will connect many dots for you and sometimes in my excitement, I might leave you confused. You will be asking yourself, “is she crazy?”
My art is my way of thinking. My art is my way of life. My art is my memories and stupid opinions and all those crazy ideas. Art offers me a chance to be. I can now air my views confidently. Please do not confuse my confidence for arrogance or aggressiveness. Do you know, I had to suffer through all those years in school. Sitting there, having to suffer teachers who said things they never believed in. Having to suffer some of them telling outright lies because we knew no better. And all that in silence.
Do you know, I made the mistake of going to university thinking universities are for thinkers ( just like they said about Timbuktu and how Jesus and Socrates taught) only to find I was completely wrong. It was once again, writing notes and reading a few recommend books and then rehashing that for exams. And after school, I would go to work for someone who would tell me what to do with my life.
Now, if you like using your brain. That way of living is kind of brain dead don’t you think? It doesn’t offer you much room to contribute your ideas. And I do not know if I will ever have another chance to live after I die. So I figure, I better make my contribution now.
I hope you now understand why I won’t keep quiet. Because the rest of my life is dedicated to singing, dancing, writing etc. and telling my fellow people there is room for your ideas and thoughts. The catch is, you have to fight for that right, by going ahead and doing what you must.
If an idea is bad, it will be rejected. And you will have to keep working at it until one day you get that eureka moment. But even bad ideas have taken root in the world anyway.

And these thoughts I have chosen to share with you, have pushed me on my journey. I started as a stage actor in 2006 and did it for three years. By 2008 I had picked up traditional and contemporary dance, done a few supporting roles on the local TV shows and a billboard for coca cola. And then I stopped for two years. Confusion.

And these thoughts came back to me, everyday of those two years. I wrote this And when I finally got the courage, I was happy to note it here

Currently, I have a one-person play a friend wrote, that is awaiting to be shared with the world. Next year it must go on tour. I don’t know how except through faith that it must do that. And I have been composing lots and lots of songs as well. I hope to find a less stifling way to protect my ownership rights while sharing with the world my songs.

After all that is the whole point of creating work, isn’t it?

Please find my writing at: Use the given link
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    Well, I have been busy of late. In class learning new things and getting very excited about how I can incorporate them in my work. Here is my art story as shared on my class blog.

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