Creative Entrepreneurship 2012 Class II Profiles: Evanson Kangethe Njuguna

Kangethe with his art

Kangethe with his art

Name: Evanson Kangethe Njuguna
Occupation: paintings, sculptures, video art
Location: Ngecha Tigoni Ward
I am a visual artist: creating, paintings, sculpture and video art. Started in 1982 as self taught, thereafter received art tuition from Dr. Mayienga lecture department of design Nairobi University.
Since 1986, I have participated in both join and solo exhibitions. 1986, 1990 French cultural centre. 1992, 97 national museum of Kenya 1994 Tubungen University Germany 1995 Weimar and Haeldelburg Germany, 2000 Liebenkust gallery Germany. 2006 donkeys pillar project. 2012 donated a sculpture titled mama vikapu to National Museum of Kenya.




My paintings have been featured in a book titled east African Art published through volkes kunde museum Frankfurt Germany. I have won several art prices i.e. save elephant 1st prize ufumbuzi club. 2nd prize European Union film festival poster design and 1st prize French cultural centre van design.
Karibu watoto art project, co-coordinator of Nairobi railways museum, art gallery project.
Fibre glass creations studio, writing a book on an invented new art technique.
Life cycle
Painter, sculptor, video art. My domain is recognition and approaching masters.
Eighteen months projects or plan
I have two projects that will run concurrently
Project No 1.
Write a book (invented art technique)
Month 1-2: Compile artworks from the “invented technique” taking photographs.
3-8: Restructure content that prevails for example: rewrite, edit and subject it to critical review at least from variety of authorities in art subjects.
9-11: Involve the material to graphic designers to set up the framework of the book.
12: Engage on copy right issues.
14-13: search for a publisher. “If successful” I will use the following market mode to distribute my works. I intend to use the unique selling point “stage an art exhibition of the works and use the opportunity to sell the publication. I would replicate the method; by travelling exhibition particularly; museums university’s art departments, institutions that teach art, contact art collectors etc. both locally and internationally. Also I would sell online.i.e Facebook, blogs, websites etc. thereafter sign contracts with the bookshops for distribution.
Project II
Fibre glass creations studio
Month III Strategic Infrastructures: equip fibre glass creations studio with materials. Source for skilled fiberglass artist to engage in the preliminary stage in creations and productions. Sign engagement terms “contract”with partners and employees
Month III, IV, V. Develop concepts and market them to the targeted consumers.Then engage in creation hence come up with products.
Revenue: sales and grants
Grants especially when I incorporate a division that primarily will be involved in training skills on fibre glass and other forms of art with the knowledge in mind that no payment will be demanded from trainees.
Market: The products especially those I have would create without an order will bear wide range approach.
Already I have a theme “nature walk” create. Also I intend to engage crations of adverts.
This installation works will best fit in interior designs. Some permanent, others mobile. Some of the venues best to install; co-orporates events, wedding ceremonies sites, in theater and many other social outlets.
I also plan to use social media i.e facebook, blogs and websites.
Vision: fibre glass creation studio will be a centre of research, training, fibre grass art and other forms incorporated i.e moulds, painting design, glass forming and ceramic. All products will be for sale. The fibre glass creation studio will double as an institution which will embody tracing of artistic invention and provide exposure.


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