Creative Entrepreneurship 2012 Class II Profiles: Nuru Bahati

Nuru Cover
Name: Nuru Bahati
Occupation: philanthropist,event organizer,emcee,illustrator,painter and poet
Location: Nairobi
Featured articles: Ghafla
Life Cycle
Domain and public recognition
Portraits drawing using ball pen/biro
According to Google search engine there no websites/blogs that have Kenyan ball pen/biro catalogs
Competitors: None
Core Values of the business: Reliable, Honesty, Promptness, Neatness, Courtesy

MC-ing at an event

MC-ing at an event

Past events I have featured in on poetry & spoken word

Past events I have featured in on poetry & spoken word

Nuru Print 1 Girl
Nuru print 2 Girl
Nuru Print 3 child
Nuru Print 4 Girl
Nuru Print 5 child
Nuru Print 6 Girl
Nuru print 7 working guy
Nuru Print 8 smiling guy
Some of my published poetry
Link to Urban Mirror Kenya

18 months Plan
Capital to the business
Buying materials as papers & pens]
Social Media
Business module the client will determine the price determining the price depending on their purchasing power. Payment will be done when the client is satisfied with artwork, no deposit, no installments.
• The main aim is to make people appreciate and purchase in accordance with their preference
• To eliminate bargaining and discounts culture amongst the client and artists
• Also, suggest other artists who have the same set skills in portrait drawing so that the client has a wide variety before their purchase
• Create a network with artists
• Making the client appreciate the value of good services

Planning on exhibition online then later onwards have a physical exhibition in;
Museum, Galleries, Art centers, Cultural centers, Archives & Libraries
After every sale 10% goes to empowering other artists by purchasing their goods and services, buying for them materials and then helping out in their basic needs and day to day running’s


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    nuru (arnold) big up men

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    good stuff

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