Creative Entrepreneurship 2012 Class II Profiles: Irene Ouso

Name: Irene Owuso
Occupation: artist, a graphic designer and an interior designer
Location: Nairobi
Irene Ouso is an artist, a graphic designer and an interior designer. As I child, I loved to draw on anything and everything that was plain so my fate was sealed right from the beginning. I trained as an Interior designer at the Creative Art College where I graduated with a Diploma in Interior Design. Graphic design is a self taught skill that I decided to take up out of curiosity. I have always loved anything and everything that involved creativity right from concept up to the execution level.
As a Graphic Designer, my focus has mainly been on wedding invites, party invites, handmade greeting cards, business cards and posters. With Graphic design, one is able to personalize items and just make them unique. I love beautiful things hence this path of design.



Furthermore, I am always willing to try new things. I also make scented candles. This too is a self taught art, with help from the internet of course. What else do I do? Well, I do pencil drawings and paintings. Once an artist, always an artist. I tried to run away from this by immersing myself into the corporate world. I only lasted a month!! This is not to say that I am a lazy person or anything like that. I just could not fit into it. Creating is my passion, it’s a gift from God, an extension of my personality, an expression of my inner soul.
18 months Plan
Currently- Freelance Graphic Designer.

6 month Plan-purchasing software and machines that are CAD compatible.
Learning and getting trained in these software’s for certification

12 month Plan – To be conversant with the software.
Register the company
Research the market about the growth rate of start up companies.
Develop a package for clients that will include a logo, letter head, company seal and a template Business card. these will be designed and sold online through a website that would have been developed by this
time. marketing wll be done via social media.

18 month plan – we shall have a data base of pre-designed logos for sale for different industries e.g Hospitality, Engineering,, IT industry etc
Hiring of 2 designers so as to have a wealth of packages.
Acquiring of space to work in so as to be accessible to the clients.

2 year plan – To have established a Graphic design company that offers design solutions for start up businesses and to continuously research on trends that will boost their visibility in their respective fields.
Depending on the market thenand market needs we will seek to meet those needs uniquely.


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