Creative Entrepreneurship 2012 Class II Profiles: Lewis Wafula

Name: Lewis Wafula
Occupation: Visual Artist: cartoons; comic illustrations; caricature
Location: Boat & Oars Studio, Kasarani-NAIROBI
PP 1
This definitely is a journey of discovery and rediscovery for me. I now realize the funny little things we do in our infancy can be turned to fully throttle to livelihood and to be emulated lifestyles.
My creative journey fully started off in high school (Friends Kamusinga) in 2001-2004. I took up Art & Design as a select subject but later dropped it to pursue Business Studies. I wish I had not then because I would be on a different plane altogether now. It was that period that I got exposed to art and craftwork. Even though I pursued the Business studies, I did not let up art. I joined the Drama Club and that way, I found a home and a voice amongst other great artists of the time: John Paul Wafula, Ceophas Malala, Jimmy Wanjala, and Stephen Otieno to mention but a few.
Well, I joined Chuka University College in 2007 to pursue Bachelor of Commerce degree and later graduated in 2011 with a degree in Marketing. It was within 2005-2012 that my creative side grew and developed in leaps and bounds. I formed and got deeply involved of the following groups that helped me find and shape my voice:
c) GAGA KLUB (2010-2011)
While at the university, I found the audience eager and hungry for comics thus my gags and comical illustration of people and activities within the Chuka society. It was through the pin-ups and displays that I got recognition and got engaged to illustrate for a project that involved U.A.P Insurance and ILRI. This later on got me a referral to another project for ISAAA.
After my graduation in 2011, I almost lost my creative touch with much pre-occupation seeking for that illusive ideal job. I hired in few companies but I found no satisfaction from the assignments nor remuneration. I am glad for this creative entrepreneurship course which has to has re-awakened me to my call make me pursue a worth course in creativity.
Thus, I am here now churned, charmed and charged to do justice to my highly underutilized raw talents. I believe that with the knowledge, insights and resources I have now, my focus is definitely to inspire a generation and die a legend!

SCAN 001
SCAN 002
SCAN 005
SCAN 008
Vision: Be an Inspiration to Generations through Creativity and Innovation
Mission: Live it up Everyday: Creating, Discovering and Innovating.
• Creativity
• Passion
• Discipline
• Dedication
Business Model:
Registering a business entity under name Boat & Oars Studio wholly owned and operated by me. It purpose of existence will be to create comic illustrations, cartoons and caricatures. These art works will be exclusively Kenyan as inspired by the typical Kenyan entrepreneurial nature and culture. Through collaborative and solo projects, these illustrations will be made available to the local and global markets through print and visual electronic media.
Action Plan:
These are the sequence of activities I purpose to partake for my strategies to work out. They are all simple, interrelated and tied up to my strategic objectives.
Strategic Objectives
i. To establish my business through a well cut out portfolio as evidence of work.
ii. To be well grounded in illustrative work through research and exposure
iii. To establish Captain Lawi as a reputable brand in the art scenes
iv. To actively engage the middle class on various relevant platforms

My action plan
1. End of Dec. 2012
2. Engage customers in target markets through my creative products
3. Jan-March, 2013
4. Jan, – April, 2013
5. May, 2013
6. June-August, 2013
7. Sep-Dec, 2013


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