Creative Entrepreneurship 2012 Class II Profiles: Rayhab Wangari Gachango

Profile Picture
Occupation: Writer, poet, teacher, and volunteer.
Sales and Marketing representative for a Kenyan Tobacco Company
Location: Nairobi

Full Profile here:
Rayhab Wangari Gachango is a trained Communications Specialist and Chartered Marketer. She is also a writer, a poet, teacher, peer counselor, actor, dancer, and performance artist. She is currently studying for a Masters in Corporate & Development Communication at Daystar University and is in her last semester of course work.
Rayhab is a Children & Women’s rights advocate. She does advocacy through writing on issues of peace, gender, sexuality, and poverty. She is also referred to as the Kenyan Love Poet because she writes alot on love.
Rayhab has a background in Communication. She has a Diploma in print and electronic media from Daystar University. Her degree is in Advertising with electives in psychology from Daystar University as well. She has experience in journalism having worked for the student newspaper involvement for 2 years.
Rayhab saw this somewhere in a barbershop and decided that it will be her guiding motto for her writing.
“We are not driven businessmen but driven artists, we never think about money. Beautiful work will automatically make money. We will always do our best, May God do the rest. Amen”
Peter Parker (Spiderman) was told by his uncle “with great power comes great responsibly.” That is what guides her writing. It is also the tagline on her website.
Rayhab is passionate about building the community. She has been a volunteer – Volunteer Youth Worker for Time For God (TFG UK) in Mansfield, Nottingham, UK. Jan 03 –Jan 04 where she was developing leadership skills through: mentoring, lectures, developing extra curricular programs for youth, community service and working with young people, doing drama and dance presentations, using PR and Advertising skills- through doing talks on Kenya/ Africa, also raising cultural awareness using audio and visual presentations. She is also a Rotaract Alumni (Rotaract club of Milimani, Rotaract club of Nairobi Central). She was a Club Service Director at one point and also the Assistant Fund raising director.
Rehab reading

Volunteering in UK

Volunteering in UK

Rayhab is a member of CIM Kenya (Chartered Institute of Marketing) and The Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE).
My vision in 5 years is to be a publisher of children’s books, poetry, and artwork.

My mission
To promote the excellence of Kenyan expression through writing and publishing, performing, mentoring, and teaching.

Who am I?
I am a writer, poet, and teacher. I paint pictures with words. I sell dreams and fantasies that draw on the imagination.

What do you do?
I entertain and teach using poetry, short stories, and articles.

What’s the value of what I do?
I impart knowledge with my stories. My stories make people think, cry, and laugh. I believe it changes their thought processes because I talk about issues that affect society.

My unique selling point
I want to create exciting quality African stories for children and young adults.

Business model
I am a creative content producer.

Market for my work
Primary: East Africa. I want to develop content for East Africa. Tell the African story. I want to do both print and electronic books.

Who am I?
I am a creative entrepreneur. I sell knowledge in the form of stories and fantasies in the form of poetry. My work allows my audience an escape from current reality to another dimension. Its purpose is to entertain and reach the consumers of my work on issues affecting society.

Poetry , Magazine, Cards
Writing skills, Jewelry, Motivational speaker & Content creation

Learning and innovation, Spirituality, Integrity

Critical success factors
Expanding my skills into scripting and drama
Commercializing my website
Develop partnerships – publishing and writing
Getting a publisher for my first book
Finances – self publishing and/or grants

Creative life cycle
I am currently between my formative years and domain and public recognition. More towards the domain.
12 months Plan
Starting December 2012 and ending in December 2013. My plan is divided into 6 month segments
December 2012 – May 2014
Research on publishing and audience – ongoing research.
Look for opportunities and partnerships for business and features writing.
Work on my poetry book. The content is already there it just needs editing, illustrations, and typesetting. By June 2013
Sort out my copyrights – by February 2013.
Finish my Masters project (hopefully) – May 2013.
Look for funds for my book because I want to self publish – Grants/ personal finances – June 2014.
Apply for grants – This will be ongoing.
Work on prototypes for children’s books – March 2013.
Get a literary agent – March 2013
Look for copywriting jobs – ongoing
Peace campaigns – writing
Partnerships to market content for companies – have started negotiations. Possibly by February will be concrete.
Print cards and poems for valentines – end of January 2014
Scripting – Start February 2014.
Join a Rotary club for both community service and networking opportunities.
Also join toast masters to improve quality of my presentations – March 2013
Work on the Umeclick Campaign for Rotary until February 2013.
Do outsourced social media work – will be ongoing.
Look for lecturing jobs and facilitator jobs as well to supplement my income – Start January 2013.
June 2013 –November 2013
Start lecturing for courses in communication, marketing, and development
Look for grants to publish my book. Look at fundraising or crowd sourcing as well. (Ongoing)


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