Creative Entrepreneurship 2012 Class II Profiles: Glory Mwendwa

Name: Glory Mwendwa
Occupation: Tattoo artist, thespian, dancer
Location: Nairobi
I am an artist, an artist in the fields of visual art, performing art, and dance. Since a tender I have always been passionate about art. I started dance at the age of seven, involved in competitions and gave her a chance to travel to different places and countries.

At the age of eight she started being interested in visual art, drawing became a something I loved to do. Unfortunately I didn’t attend a school that offered arts as a subject but since I loved it I did calligraphy on certificates in school and outside events. After high school I became interested in tattoos. So I found a parlor where she learnt how to make designs and did quite well in the field.

In high school I was involved in drama. I loved it since I learnt to express myself. I decided to join travelling theatre once I was done with school and did set books and it was a challenge but still gave me a chance to grow as an artist.
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My mission in my art work would be to encourage people appreciate art. I do so by bringing in different themes in my tattoo work.

I also want to help nature talent by helping young talented artist in various kinds of arts.
18 months Plan


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