Creative Entrepreneurship 2012 Class II Profiles: Kevin Nzevela

Name: Kevin Nzevela
Occupation: Film Director
Location: Nairobi

Kevin Nzevela‘s Biography
I was privileged to fall in love with film at the tender age 5yrs. It was not until I watched the making of a movie that I realized I was madly in love with film making. Since then, I haven’t looked back. As an adult, I went into acting, scriptwriting, dialogue coaching, directing and basic film production.

I started my carrier two years ago at Phoenix Players as an actor and after my first play, I decided to stay and learn stage managing, acting, directing, and to perfect my scriptwriting skills. I attained certification from Daystar University in stage and film directing.

I featured as an extra in Nairobi half life with my first two lines in major box office film. It was my first time on a film set and from then on I have engaged myself in many more Kenyan film productions e.g acting, scripting and directing. I am currently a professional scriptwriter and hoping to saturate the media with rich Kenyan content that for starters; is well executed and most importantly entertains with subtle levels of moral values.

Kevin 2
18 months Plan
It’s very difficult to pin point an 18 month plan given the unpredictability of the film and TV industry, but if you insist, I will mention a pet project series that is targeted not only for the East African Community but the International market as well. My intentions with films stretch beyond the 18 month plan and include conceptualization of a new series every month and to film a short movie every two months in order to hone my craft. I realize that to script a new series every month and shooting every two months has proved challenging but I believe that the day I put my camera down, I lose my ability to be innovative.
I recently sat with my mentor and we switched from one channel to the next and majority of our local programs lacked; creativity, entertainment and inspirational material and the ones that posses any of these were poorly executed driving 80% of our populous to the 50 bob video libraries to buy comedies, dramas action flicks and the rest of the well done materials from abroad. My goal is to draw that percentage back to our local TV screen for more than just the news and to ensure they are entertained and where necessary, inspired to be better.


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