Creative Entrepreneurship 2012 Class II Profiles: Lillian Barongo Ayieng’a

Name: Lillian Barongo Ayieng’a
Occupation: Visual Artist and Art Consultant
Location: Nairobi

My Journey
I started my journey as an artist way back in Primary school. It’s been a wonderful journey with lots of ups and downs but I give thanks to the Almighty God for the experiences that he has enabled me go through as I pursue this gift of talent that he entrusted me with. Art is a diverse subject and as an artist we all have a tendency to fall in love with the diversity. Although our hearts eventually settle for one discipline and for me its ceramic art.
My love for ceramic art was obvious when I first joined Kenyatta University for my undergraduate studies, but my challenge to purse it further is when I got an opportunity to participate in Ceramic art International Symposium as the University and College of Creative Arts (UCCA), Farnham, UK towards the end of my forth year at the university. This trip was an eye opener for me and I couldn’t believe how diverse ceramic was through the workshops and presentations. I got an opportunity to interact with professionals in the field of ceramics from different parts of the world. Luckily the following year the Symposium was to take place in Kenya and I became a part of the organizing team that run the Kenya chapter. The Kenya chapter was a huge success and I continue to be a member of the ISCAEE (International Symposium for Ceramic Art Education and Exchange) which runs bi-annual group exhibitions and workshops that I continue to participate in. I have also worked in the banking industry for 3 years. And during my banking years I was unable to do my studio work and therefore ventured into art training.. Let’s say my big dream was not met there and the only thing I had was a salary to pay my bills and not my heart desires. Although I have always wanted to practiceas a ceramic artist I was unable to because of the expenses involved in the set up.
I tend to call myself an art consultant because am an all-rounder in the field of fine art. Perhaps that comes from my diverse training in my undergraduate studies as a major in Fabric design, Graphic design and Ceramic art. However I have also done a lot of work in drawing and painting no wonder I can only settle as an art consultant.
I have consulted for NGO’s within and outside of Kenya on fine arts (drawing, painting and fabric printing) assisted in setting up galleries and curating, I have also worked previously for the banking industry

Now with my heart desires the journey is endless. Currently am working full time as a Ceramic Artist within House of Nubia Painter and Art Consultant.

Alleviating poverty in Kenya by:
Self-employment and sustainable development through FINE ARTS and training.
Creating trade links and trade opportunities for artists in Kenya

Participatingin community development by training, producing and selling FINE ARTS products and partnering with artists towards the mission.




Rega Outburst

Rega Outburst


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