Creative Entrepreneurship 2012 Class II Profiles: Winnie Murugi

Winnie PP
Name: Winnie Murugi
Occupation: Writer, poet, spoken word artist, yoga instructor
Location: Nairobi
I am in a love affair with words which I use to talk about the seen and said, seen and unsaid, unseen and unsaid. My works are real, expressive and mystical. Yoga keeps me in touch with my silent, calm and powerful side.
My name is Winnie Murugi in my early twenties in terms of age. In my formative years as an artist. I am a yoga teacher, a writer, a poet and a spoken word artist. Looking back at my life cycle, i also appreciate my ability in public speaking. Mine has been a path full of adventure, curiosity and experimenting. I appreciate that I am multi-talented. I can do a number of things in the fields of marketing, science and arts. Some learnt in school while others self learnt.
My journey as an artist started early…as early as in my pre-school days. I recently learnt from my mother and nursery school teacher that as soon as i was able to learn the alphabets i wouldn’t stop writing. Apparently I spoke my first word at 7months of age. This was rather subconscious.
In my primary school days, we did not write much of creative papers and at that point I developed an attitude that creativity was endowed on specific people. This however did not stop my love for words and grammar. During the school holidays if i was not doing maths which was one of our house rules from my dad then i was learning English from my mum. I learnt most of my basic writing skills from her. She always put time apart for us to learn English and some grammar despite her busy schedules. This still goes on to date but in a rather informal way.
I must say my high school composition writing exercises were unconsciously defining moments. I remember writing a composition that had just a simple storyline that scored me 18/20 and was read to the class and throughout my form three and four days I was a writing icon in class. After high school I felt so lonely, dissatisfied and vision less and the day I did my first article everything changed. Since then I have been writing all sorts of works: poetry, spoken word, articles, argumentative papers just to mention a few and my romance with words is not about to come to an end.
To create works that will relate to all of our wonders, mysteries, and experiences.
To use yoga as a tool for transformation
18 months Plan


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