Creative Entrepreneurship 2013 Class III Profiles: Barbra Olesi





NAME: Barbra Olesi
OCCUPATION: Vocalist, Composer, Script writer
TWITTER: @olesi_tu

To create quality, music and TV scripts that meet Christian values for the edification, inspiration, entertainment, rebuking and encouragement of urban young adults.
VISION: To be a trusted provider of Christian music and TV series scripts that entertain, critique, challenge and encourage creativity and Christian faith growth among urban young adults.

Olesi is a gospel artist. A worshiper who uses different genres of music ranging from Zouk, Reggae and R&B to communicate heartfelt love, praise and worship to God. She prefers using personal experiences and those of her loved ones in her song writing to communicate her feelings to God believing that at the same time others will be strengthened, edified and lifted in their Christian faith walk.

Of her 6 songs, Olesi has released her debut single Umkuu in which she has described who God is to her. The music in her first album is intended to set up a stage for better things to come. At every step of the Christian walk God gives inspiration which actually grows as we move closer.

Olesi is set to roll out a set of love songs that are wholesome and that a christian audience can enjoy starting February 2014.

She has also been working on a Christian TV Series called, Ministers which she hopes will debut in a local TV channel in 2014. More is yet to come!

Barbra Olesi, commonly known as Olesi is a vocalist, script writer, and quilter. Olesi holds an undergraduate degree in Communication (Broadcast media) from Daystar University.

Olesi has been able to work as a solo music artiste since 2010, when she recorded her debut single, Umkuu, a song that saw the launch her career on a good foot with Hope Fm and Truth Fm giving the song quality airplay. As a Solo artiste Olesi has completed her pre album but is yet to launch it. Olesi is also a vocalist in the band, New management, which begun in 2012. New management has since, with the help of the Youth on The Move program, produced their debut single, Songa Mbele, a song that is meant to encourage those that suffer from Epilepsy to rise beyond the stigma that society associates with the condition.

Olesi is also an upcoming script writer whose TV series scripts are yet to be produced. Her ambition is basically to cause a revolution in the Christian entertainment industry by producing scripts that are both thought provoking and God exalting. So far, she has prepared her first ever pilot and is set to pitch in January 2014 to Kenyan TV networks. She looks forward to working with video producers that have a radical desire to transform the name of the Christian congregation while critiquing it from the inside.


Olesi has plans to launch her debut album in March 2014. The album is basically a worship and praise songs album.
Olesi is also set to start off an event in February 2014. The theme for her event is love and music. This event is aimed at helping the Christian youth get educated about love relationships while getting musical entertainment on the same theme that is not defiling and does not contradict the Christian values.
Olesi is also expecting to launch her script writing career on a high note in early 2014 with her debut series, Ministers. Details are left unrevealed for copyright purposes but it definitely is a series worth watching out for.


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