Creative Entrepreneurship 2013 Class III Profiles: Dorothy Onyango



Profile Picture
Name: Dorothy Onyango
Occupation: Art teacher
Institution: Logos Christian School
Contacts: odorothy[at]yahoo[dot]com

Born in 1982 in Nairobi. Attended Pumwani Primary School in 1988 – 1995, then proceeded to St Johns High school between 1996- 2006.

Joined Amicus College in 2006 training to be Kindergarten teacher where I discovered my talent in the visual Arts.
Started working at Logos Christian School as a teacher but really didn’t get opportunity to utilize my talent as most of the work didn’t involve Art but the normal school curriculum. However, I got small opportunities to draw, paint or do crafts with the children and my colleagues really used to commend my good work. I was later chosen to be in charge of Art in the pre-unit class, among other subjects.

Later in 2012 I was given the responsibility of decorating the school reception. Since then my bosses thought that I would be better of as an Art teacher. In 2013, I moved to the school art department as an art teacher for lower primary

To create an environment where creative young people will be trained artistically in order to raise a generation of responsible and creative young citizens.

To economically empower children

To start an Art Club where young boys and girls will be trained in visual Arts and Crafts. Upon completion of the training we will sell our items. The aim will be to help children work together have fun and also learn as they earn money. Besides children will be trained to be responsible and appreciate the value of their artistic skills as they will be required to save part of the profit with the help of their parents and use some of it to buy materials for their work.

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Wall Art

Wall Art

Pic 3 Butterflies


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