Creative Entrepreneurship 2013 Class III Profiles: Michael Mwaura M.



M. Mwaura

M. Mwaura

Name: Michael Mwaura M.
Occupation: Visual Artist
Location: Kikuyu, Kahuho
Social Media
• Facebook: Cubies Michaels
• Word Press: Micmmwaura

My life as an artist dates back at the days of my childhood. I had always vowed to become one talented artist since I was young. So my years took me to cover and explore my talent as much compliment came up from my family, friends and my peers. It has not been an easy sail to where I am today; I have transversed through life copping as much as taking regard to my gift.

I can’t say I haven’t done pretty well in my work, cause I have managed to uplift myself with a few sales of my work, based in cartoon arts, portrait drawing, prop drawings, paintings and hence put some few catch to earn a living. Acrylic painting and sketch work is what I have bailed my work with but with the proper financing to my career and my passion, I wish to hit headlines with the best art creation.

To inspire young talents and improve the artistic aspect in the environment
Instill a spark of motivation, value and make a difference in the community at large

Nurture talents and have a diversified platform where young talents can immobilize quality space and skills






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