Creative Entrepreneurship 2013 Class III Profiles: BORN MOSES OKOTH OLUOCH





Born Musa Okoth, 25years ago in Kabarnet in Rift valley province, I started my early education in western Kenya up to my 1st year in high school when I moved to Nairobi after my family broke up over some complicated issues. In my world of art, few things to mention are drawing and music, I made my first public appearance, participating in school drama and music festivals in KICC Nairobi. During my high school days, Outer-ring and Buruburu estates were these hoods that introduced me to rap and script writing when I became friend of the hip hop group Slang squad member Oliver `Calvinox` Onigu.

Putting school aside, I then became an active member of a CBO, Embakasi Gender Based Violence Survivors and as youth program officer, managed to attend courses on Human Rights, GBV and HIV/AIDS, organized artists` participation in Human trafficking awareness campaign in Majengo and Mukuru slums and a workshop in Kiambiu slums.

In 2011, I designed a film project, my first script. It was not successful until late 2012 when I design another one, funded by the former radio presenter/producer who managed its production. Sonia, was this film that my being active in its post production, worked on by Islando films`s Dennis Sawayi introduced me to videoography and magazine designing. This is how I got into photography thing. I then did a documentary for speechless music group and designed another film project, screenplay of Lolani Kalu`s writings (Hekaya za Mswahili) which I directed and produced by Islando films.

Early 2013, I launched a dvd magazine`s market research working on three incomplete editions until June when I joined youth tv as a producer of its youtube content, a program I managed to have guests, the likes of Juliani, Wyre, Kitu Sewer, Verbal, Kenrazy, Hiram, HHP (South Africa), G-wiji, Buddha Blaze, L-ness, Khaligraph among other acts in music industry, covered events- Hip-hop Hookup (monthly show), Sportlight on Kenyan music 2013, Nairobi Hip hop rhapsody (weekly show), Nai ni who, Riverwood ensemble (launch) and a workshop at Sarakasi dome-Ngara dubbed Sound in motion.

Currently I’m putting a lot in place to launch a project- Mtaa Afrika tv with Mwangi Mahugu of Sub-Sahara Ltd what to me will be re-branding youth tv on getting this token of recognition from the government in form of certificate which I have applied for to legally get going.


youth weekly

youth weekly


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