Creative Entrepreneurship 2013 Class III Profiles: Nguma Ruby Wausi

Design Cover

Design Cover


NAME: Nguma Ruby Wausi
OCCUPATION: Currently doing my bachelors in design at the technical university of Kenya. So More of design in general.
TWITTER Ruby_Nguma

It began when I joined school but practically what I can recall is me drafting envelopes
For my fellow students “enzi za barua ” could caligraph them and earn that 5 and 10 bob an envelope .After the school held competitions, they would call me to assist in doing the certificates. I was once found imitating a teacher and demonstrating it for the class and thought of myself in trouble. Phewks! was just taken to the drama patron who gave me the scenes to read though never appeared on stage unless carrying props. In form 3 and being a science student made the teachers be on my case. Hanging out with arts students was a NO…It became more problematic after we formed a dance group to be entertaining while we hosted events at the school. Was sent home.
Later joined TUoK for design after a lot of deferment coz my mum never felt it right for me to pursue such a course. My dad being an art persona kept on getting impatient with me staying home and wasting time till he said that if I never joined he won’t offer to pay my fee any more.This is my position now and do not regret at all being here 🙂

At my formative stage, people are recognizing my talent others even requesting me do to perform some jobs like logos. My greatest problem is that I have not decided on what to specialize in. Have a passion in graphics,animation,film and photography.

Popularizing works of creativity and making them the number one preference in the society

Provide quality creative goods and services
Uphold culture
Support and nurture young talent
Take back to the community


Design 1

Design 1

Design 2

Design 2

12-18 Months Plan
In 12-18 months it’s my believe that I will have a specialization and will have gained enough confidence in my work especially the part of valuing it in relation to money


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