Creative Entrepreneurship 2013 Class III Profiles: Rose Mumbe Mbivya






I started craft work 8 years back where I used to help my mother earn living through making ropes, crotchet work, knitting using sawing machine and basketry. I am still doing craft work, drawing and salon work as my business and focused to have more businesses like screen printing.

I was born in 1993 in Kitui County, while young I used to plat and twist the hair of my dolls, do crotchet to make clothes for them and for the teddy bears. I also used to make pots and sufurias using clay so that I can use them in cooking. While 10years old I joined Sunday school choir our church, I also started doing knitting because of the interest I got from my mother. Everything I used to make was good according to my friends and this was an encouragement to me.

While in primary school class 4 I was able to do very nice drawings and this made teachers notice my potential in art work and decided to give me more practice and this was through giving me charts to make drawings such as digestive system, reproductive system, flowers and many other drawings for pupils. I had an interest in dances and acting but we had no drama club in our primary school but because of my determination I managed to join melody and skit group in our church and later joined drama club in secondary school. I was also able to come up with more ideas in craft work and come up with unique flower using papers. During holidays while in secondary school I used to do salon work (platting and twisting). Through all this I started noticing my potential in art work and Design work and so I decided to further my studies in Design.

For now I am a student at Technical University of Kenya taking Bachelor of Technology in Design. And since am young in the course I do craft work (making mats and crotchet work), salon work, free hand artwork, creating logos and doing a lot of practice in graphic design and am a member of drama club and publicity club. The greatest strength I have is that I do believe in myself that I can make it and am always determined. Am working hard and focused since am just in formative stage of my creative lifecycle.

To acquire necessary education on creative industry, work on my ideas until they are done right , meet people desires and support girl child in all ways and ensure their rights are respected and ownered in order to be a great designer countrywide and change the history of girl child

To be a great designer country wide and change the history of girl child


sitting down

• To have a business page in facebook and twitter
• To have expanded the market for my sales
• To have started a business in creative industry.
• To have known at least 10 great people in my creative industry who I can seek help from.
• To have totally worked on my weaknesses
• To have done a lot in graphic design


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