Creative Entrepreneurship 2013 Class III Profiles: Stephen Njoroge





Name: Stephen Njoroge
Occupation: Designer.
Base: Eastleigh 1st Ave, 3rd street.

Creative enterprise bio
My career became an interest since early days in the primary level. The most habit that I liked and everybody knew about it was Drawing. I enjoyed making sketches. This too carried onto the high school where I gained more experience on the artistic work. Here I came to learn better tactics in graphics work including calligraphic methods.
Though am yet to graduate, am doing great in the world of arts.

Creative cycle
From my last experience and through exploring I have learnt mastered the way of screen printing , mat making , beads art and glass work. Currently am still in school (TUK) bettering myself and gaining more techniques in my career.

We provide quality design in a professional and distinct manner also as well as invest in talent, because it is our most valuable resource.

To revolutionalize the art- world by developing a talent nurturing company that will form a platform for many artists to express their potential in art and earn a living out of it.





About Njathika

Simply cannot fit in a box
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