Creative Entrepreneurship 2013 Class III Profiles: Washington Obwandah





Name: Washington Obwandah 23years of age.
Occupation: Actor and Director
Location St. Christopher’s church Mathare North Area three

I started acting when I was in class six that was when i realized that I had a talent of acting.
I used to prepare commedics and present them during prize giving day I enhanced more of my acting when I joined high school,at form two I established a Christian union drama group.Whereby I used to prepare nice scripts,skits,comedy direct and perform during conferences ,talent show,Christian rally.It was due to these performances where we got an invitation to perform at Kenyatta university during their Christian union rally and later at thogoto teachers training college during student Christian fellowship camp.

My work is mostly church based,I have a cast that are made up of twenty people,Ido come up with scripts that address current issues like devolution,constitution,media,domestic violence,drug abuse and tribalism and perform to varies churches inform of a play,PET,comedy though they pay less sometimes they do not pay at all but neither the less we are still pressing on.My plan for the next two years we will be performing the same things at opening spaces like Kenya national theatre,Alliance and public holidaysWe are also planning to established a traveling theatre for set books both for high schools and colleges besides what we are doing currently.

To set a platform for young people for nurturing their talents through performing arts.

To build or develop the best actors and actress,script writers,Directors and producers in Kenya.





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