Creative Entrepreneurship 2013 Class III Profiles: Peter Nyabuto




Name: Peter Nyabuto
Occupation: Musician – Singer and Saxophonist.
Location: Based in Kenya

Peter Nyabuto is a singer-songwriter and a saxophonist. His music can be described as Afro soul/ Afro pop/ Acoustic African Folk.
His messages are hip urban stories of hope young adult life that includes adventure, love, hope and good vibes.


Music only succeeds as music when it makes you crazy

It was not until High school that Peter realized he could sing. Peter was the quiet and reserved one that minded his own business. Singing, or generally music, was not much of a big deal to him. This was until he heard a vocal acapella group singing in the school chapel on his first week of high school. The voices, the harmony, so divine! This had succeeded in making him crazy.
The shy and quiet boy had found his voice in music.

From then on, he looked for every opportunity to sing. As always, the church offered a platform for him. He became involved in church music groups. But after some time, he felt his growth was stunted, and he saw how the church was preaching water and drinking wine. This was a blow to his morale so he stopped singing. For some time he had nowhere to express the music within. At this time he was a member of the National Youth Orchestra of Kenya playing the saxophone. But playing an instrument is not the same as singing. The voice, saying words with a melody of your own; that is a sphere of its own.

He then joined the Kenyan Boys Choir. This exposed him to a whole new dimension of African compositions and performance technique. But still, the music was not his music. So he left and joined Sauti Academy.
Peter’s liking for music is more of an obsession. He used to go to late night concerts and then go home alone at ungodly hours, despite him leaving in East Nairobi, considered to be the insecure part of the city. “I remember skipping classes to go listen to the vocal groups in school practice. One time I missed a test because I wanted to go to a singing competition”. To him, music comes first then the rest can fight for their place.
He finally started writing his own songs at Sauti Academy. In his first ever public concert the audience sang along to the chorus of his song. “It was mind blowing!” He says.

He has performed at Blankets and Wine, Art and Beer Festival, UN volunteers’ congress and Wamathai spoken Word.
Peter Nyabuto believes in the power and beauty of simplicity. He writes songs about his life, passions and experiences in a way that anyone can relate to. He converses through song. He makes you smile, frown, nod in agreement or question your purpose. He makes you dream and imagine. Maybe, just maybe, he makes you crazy.



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