Creative Entrepreneurship 2013 Class III Profiles: Japhet Njagi

Njagi PP
Name: Japhet Njagi

Creative Journey
Japhet Njagi is a self taught photographer with many years of experience. He started with a “point and shoot” camera as a hobby and passion before turning into a professional photographer. In 2007 he started freelancing with Nation media group as an entertainment photojournalist with the defunct Daily Metro newspaper. He later joined East Africa Magazine now Carolmandimedia as a photographer on freelance basis dealing mostly on corporate cocktail parties and high end shows until 2011.

Njagi has traveled to Uganda and Tanzania covering showbiz news. In 2009 he was the official photographer for the famous and refutable Zanzibar International Film Festival-ZIFF- in Zanzibar. In the same year, he was contracted by Home Boys entertainment for Tusker Project Fame aka TPF 3 talent reality show as a photographer. Njagi was also the official photographer for the regionally recognized Swahili Fashion Awards in 2010 held in Dar er salaam, Tanzania. His work has occasionally been published in all local dailies, the latest being in the Star newspaper on 2/12/2013 ( Also, his work has been exhibited on the debut Photojournalists Association of Kenya aka PAK in 2012.

Currently, Njagi works for the biggest multi disciplinary arts centre in East and Central Africa, The Godown Arts Centre as a documentation and information officer. As part of hiswork, he submits a photo for the The Godown weekly e-newsletter. At the same he coordinates an annual community based annual festival called Dunda Mtaani.

And lately he has been coordinating a monthly gig called Godown Gig.










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