Creative Entrepreneurship 2013 Class III Profiles: UNIQSOLDIER

steve 1
Born at the coast Mombasa county,later moved to Nairobi with my parents where I studied my primary and secondary education.
While in high school I started modeling got better and was eyed by the Ashleys and Unity college of beauty as their model

Later on changed to music since the power and somber beauty of my voice coupled every one who listned to me. Since 2008 to date I became a song writer,recording and performing artist.
Did songs like “MWOKOZI” ,”NJOO”, “LET HIM GO” which Is acollabo,”MAMA” which brought me to the limelight and opened so much doors musically , and now ” UWEPO.” Which is yet to be released and has a higher expectation in the in the national music awards.

I have performed in various and many places including clubs locally i.e club lambada,fan fan milele beach hotel and nyali at the coast. Alliance, national theatre, 680 hotel in Nairobi,just to mention but a few .Recently have been doing so much performance at the childrens home hence the song mama, since I have massive love for the orphans and street kids. Thus we formed “project 300” with the BMF musicians with an aim of reaching 300 street kids annually and finding them homes

D.O.B : 18TH 08 1990
Singer/song writer/performing artist.Born again and specializes in gospel music. Does different genres i.e raga, afrofusion, rnb, bongo, and kapuka.
Music is my life I breath,eat and live music.Every time I step up the stage hold the mic ready to do my thing I feel so much home.Ladies and gents welcome to my world of music



Performance 2

Musically speaking and preaching the gospel

Educate,entertain and connect both the young and the old musically

18 months Plan
12-18 months from now am hopping to own the gospel music industry as the greatest icon that ever sustained it for so long.With an aim of bringing positive impact to the music industry as a whole making my followers proud of listening and interacting with me as their star.


About Njathika

Simply cannot fit in a box
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