Creative Entrepreneurship 2014 Class IV Profiles: Rehema Nsanyiwa

Playing the Guitar

Playing the Guitar

Profile - Rehema Nsanyiwa

Profile – Rehema Nsanyiwa

Name: Rehema Nsanyiwa
Country: from Uganda

Bio / Personal statement
Rehema Nsanyiwa also known as Remy Nanyonga is a committed, growing artist in music, community psychology student and an aspirant Creative entrepreneur with a successful background in attainment of set objectives.

In 2011, she founded the non-government initiative, Girl Be Project working with under served girls to help them realize their self-worth to positively impact their communities.

Currently, developing content for ‘CHARTS’ Good Art an Entertainment company in Music and Film.

Her vision is to communicate and inspire creative action in under-served communities through innovation and research.

Developing her craft, completing school in Community Psychology and General business management.

Creative Journey
Rehema‘s fractured past inspires her art. She works constantly to put errors right! In her primary school she yearned for an opportunity to be a performer but somehow the chance skipped her. So, she focused on studies that earned her scholarships to continue with formal education. As a creative, naturally she found herself writing poems and dancing. She also loved singing and helping people. Now she focuses on music, writing songs, playing guitar, dancing, studying community building and general business management.

Currently, at the Godown Arts Centre Nairobi as artist in residence to improve her arts management skills and participant of the enormously effective Creative Entrepreneurship course focusing on the economy of creativity.

At the Godown - Kenya

At the Godown – Kenya


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