Creative Entrepreneurship 2014 Class IV Profiles: Cessa

CESSA HYPE GAL COVER small format.

Profile - Cessa Laexotica

Profile – Cessa

Performing/Stage Name: Cessa
Field: Performing artist and Business Entrepreneur
Location / Base: Nairobi
Social Media:
Twitter: @cessalaexotica

Cessa is a Christian who was born as Celestine Ondinyo in 25th of August 1985 in a family of eight siblings. She stands 5’8” tall and weighs 65kgs. She went to high school here in Nairobi and graduated in Muslim Girls Secondary School after completing her O levels in the year 2003.After she later then went ahead with her education and joined the African Nazarene University for a course in Communications. Even when she was still in High School, this talented singer was involved greatly with the drama club being the leader for two years in her school which is a fact that played a relatively important role in moulding her career.

To be the performing artist who develop and achieve greatly in all her creative works to gain socially, religiously and economically.

To develop and achieve the best through my innovativeness and conscientiousness to attain professionalism in all my interactions;creatively,socially,religiously and economically.

The Journey
Music has always been in the genes of this singer and this is mainly why she was constantly involved in the church choir from a very tender age and performed solo verses,public speaking and drama all through kindergaten. Also The church that she attends which is known as Holy Family Basilica helped her by nurturing her singing and acting talents by giving her a spot at the church youth group choir for many years. She has also been receiving a lot of support from her family and friends as well who frequently requested her to sing for them in many occasions and events.
Cessa was also influenced greatly by international and local artists such as Whitney Houston, Queen Afrique,Allaine,Morgan Heritage, R. Kelly, the late Brenda Fassie, Lady Jay Dee,Necessary noise i.e Wyre,Nazizi n Bamzigi. Suzanne Owiyo,Mercy Myra and Amani.

Professional Career
This talented singer began her professional performance career in the year 2005 at the Kenya National Theatre (KNT). She was involved in numerous projects that required her to act and/or sing for the different groups that are registered with the Cultural Centre.
Apart from this, Cessa has also been a regular performer since the year 2009 at the Slum Fest which is usually held once a year at different venues but mostly the ghettos in Nairobi area.A performer at the SWAN (Supporting Women Artist Now) since 2011, In addition to this, she has also been performing at the WAPI (Words and Pictures) event giving her fans electric performances every time that she gets on stage.

Her lustrous voice has also enabled her to record various voice-over ads and host presentations in the various groups that she has been part of. Additionally, she has also been the MC for UN International Day in Support of Torture Victims which is usually incorporated by IMLU (International Medico-legal Unit) for the past three years. This event is actually a caravan that visits various estates in Nairobi and it normally held on the 21st of June each year.

Mc Githuku & Cessa at the UN International Day in Support of Torture Victims, 26th June 2011

Mc Githuku & Cessa at the UN International Day in Support of Torture Victims, 26th June 2011

Currently, Cessa is working on her new album entitled Hype Gal which she records at Grandpa records.Her 1st mini album was recorded at Sonic Sounds Entertainment which is entitled ‘Hewa Ipande’ and the first single off the album (which goes by the same name) has been receiving massive airplay from the media and positive response from fans as well. Moreover, this singer is also involved in other recording projects with other musicians that include both songs and poetry.

This is a singer who is bound to change the local music scene with her versatile style that cuts across a large audience. She is also not a one hit wonder since she strives to release multiple albums soon after she is through with her current projects. The future holds so much and thus she wants to indulge herself in the Film Industry as well. Other future projects that she is also contemplating on venturing in include:Fashion & décor, Events (esp. For kids) organising ,and future opening & running an Academy for nurturing talent.








18 Months Plan
To record my 2nd album with the same spirit of my reggae/ragga artist genre but most important tell the african story and also showcase our culture.
Something most people do not know about CESSA,she runs and also operate an events company that deals only with kids for other needy kids to benefit, my first major event to be held in september…thats her way to give back to the society, for more info:

This is my mdundo link for fans who want to download and have my music


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