Creative Entrepreneurship 2014 Class IV Profiles: Edward Okore

Playing the Keyboard at a function

Playing the Keyboard at a function

Profile - Edward

Profile – Edward

Name: Edward Okore
Occupation: Freelance Sales and Marketing Agent
Education: Dip supplies management,
Cont: BBM Micro-enterprise Option, minor Marketing Moi uni
Location: Based in Eldoret
Social Media:
Facebook. Edwardo O Mwema

Am an actor and practicing Instrumentalist (keyboard player)

All along I loved listening to music and mostly when I was watching our old golden Kbc Tv some shows such as the Music time, Sing and shine, I discovered that I was more intrigued with the guitarist more than the singers. This desire to learn the guitar drove me to be more close to our local church so that I can learn to play. But due to some group rules that were a bit hard for me since I was young and no one was available to offer me a hand due to their busy schedule.

One day during my usual routine of going to hung around the church compound playing football and listening to the music group practice I was invited to be part of a Good Friday play where I was given a role as one of the twelve disciples. This marked the beginning of my life in real acting the following year I got into the drama club in our primary school where I acted all through to completion. I then joined St Joseph Boys high school where joined the drama club where I acted as well as recited choral verses and also had an opportunity to participate in the music festivals this gave me an opportunity to grow and discover other genres of performance.

After completing high school I joined college in Kitale in for a diploma program were I had the opportunity to make use of the free time I had away from class to practice music and acting at the FPFK resource centre in Kipsongo settlements which was next to the college. Most of the plays here centered on life issues, effects of alcohol and substance abuse usage, living together, and importance of education. It was a very fulfilling point for me since the issues we handled in the plays were addressing pertinent issues in that specific society. During this time also I met a friend Apollo who was a multitalented instrumentalist who helped me for some time to get my keys and chords right on the keyboard.

In 2008 I moved to Eldoret spent some time scouting for a vibrant group to act in but it proved to be a challenge. in Kitale it was easy since there was a ready and willing group of people at the resource centre but in Eldoret there was no ready audience. So I concentrated my efforts in performing in a church group on thematic issues such as family life, spirituality, and social life and community awareness campaigns.

In 2010 I joined campus and time become an issue for constant practice owing to the location of the campus and group meeting venue so I was forced to take up minor roles and help in directing and scripting. Though so, this gave me an opportunity to nurture my music talent worked even more on playing the keyboard and was able to play with the Mibeko band and varied groups

I have been able to develop plays that communicate, and meet the expectations of the various audience we have performed to without letting them down.

I have done a number of dramatized radio campaigns on peace and HIV and aids and integration.

Together with others I have helped develop and grow talents where I’ve seen several actors and actresses starting with us and later joining drama in their schools and continue with acting after.

Being part of a group and being given an opportunity as a group over time to air our concerns on development of drama in many forums and even visiting primary and secondary schools to talk on the same.

Groups disintegrating as a result of people leaving to either work in other towns or when they find jobs and can’t make it for practice sessions this in.

Lack of a theatre facility where actors can use lighting effects and other aspects of stage movements and managements in a professional way this has affected the quality of production to be compromised since it affects the amount to be charged or even charging in the first place..

Lack of appreciation of creative arts as a way of life and not just a part-time activity this has made charging for performance to be a bit tricky.

To develop promote and help grow creative talents.

Equipping and empowering as an individual and with group/groups through working with other willing and likeminded to achieve the same.

1. Through conducting training and workshops for creative’s.
2. Opening avenues for interactions between creative’s in one particular region with those of other regions.
3. Lobbying for recognition of creative arts as an income generating venture and a way of life which is worth investing in and taking it up.
4. Incorporating my experience as a salesman and a knowledge enterprise development to help creative’s develop their industries.

1. Explore other genres of performance arts such as; storytelling and narratives, which will keep me going when groups disintegrate.
2. To indentify my brand and to brand myself appropriately and provide proper packaging for my chosen form of creative art.
3. Prepare and have a well documented profile of my form of creative art.
4. take advantage of the media growth frenzy and have a performance arts show on one of the local/community radio stations.




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