Creative Entrepreneurship 2014 Class IV Profiles: John Mukeni or Titi



Name: John Mukeni or Titi

John Mukeni or Titi as he is fondly known is ayoung teller with Zamaleo Act. He has been performing with them four Eight years and believes that ‘the Sigana way of storytelling … has opened a window of no impossibilities through stories,its aworld of adventure and that the shortest distance between people is a storytelling.

I was born on February 25th 1985 started my artistic career in 2003 WORK EXPERIENCE




2004: Worked with a group of thespians called Bomah Africa presenting set plays and short stories to schools.

2004-2005: With a team of six Kenyan youth participated in an exchange program through the Internet with theater students from Sweden and formed a joint drama team (Kenya/Sweden) with the assistance of our directors. Presented a play; sprouting of the seeds that addresses issues that affect them in their environment; providing into they view the society. The play addressed the issues of adolescences sexuality, drug abuse, and relationships both in the family and amongst the youth. The play looked at the challenges of modern times like fashion and fads and how they influence their emotional status and subsequently shape their future. Were we presented it in the little theater club and Aga khan High school in Mombasa 22nd EASTERN AFRICA REGIONAL THEATRE FESTIVAL
In the year 2005 together with our directors we traveled to Sweden to join drama students there and did a musical called the under Livet.

2006-2007: Worked with lips theater group doing plays in schools before I joined The Kenya national theater. Did a play with fanak arts and the Nairobi traveling Theater as a stage manager. The very same year I Joined Galaxy players under a church youth group. We did plays and I helped directing, skits, and Christmas Musicals for the church audiences and the society. I also enrolled in a drama school called stage craft a fully practical, totally involved Drama, Music and Dance school that offers courses for children and adults.

Joined Zamaleo acts a contemporary African expressive cultural expressive arts trust organization were I started my storytelling career as a young teller were I was trained the Sigana participatory art form were by we went to schools to perform oral storytelling and continued with my advance drama exams in a Kenya branch of the London academy of dramatic acting and Successfully got a silver medal in acting in my graded exams.

2010-2011: Participated and helped in the organization of the 1st and 2nd Sigana international storytelling festival as a young teller with the Zamaleo act group. Were we invited?
Storytellers from East Africa and other parts of the world had a serious of performances and workshops together and directed my first maiden play.

The same year 2011 joined Sarakasi trust hospital project an edutainment program for hospitalized children as intern-trainee for 3months were I developed my skills as a counselor care giver and also learnt sign language and deaf culture.

2012-2013: Participated in the SAMOSA festival a Biennual cultural platform which blends culture ,music,poetry ,art and drama to convey messages related to the cohesion and integration of Kenyan society in a creative manner. Where me together with Zamaleo tellers did the Hadithi(story night) to showcase and demonstrate the beautiful cultural Myths,values and stories inherent in all tribal cultures in Kenya. We showcased various stories .

December to April
Worked as an Administrator/ volunteer storyteller with Nafsi Africa Acrobats a Kenyan organization of social artistes who contribute to the social and cultural development of the society via youth empowerment projects mainly focused at promoting education,circus,Acts ,Dance ,Arts and Crafts,Yoga and percussion. Whereby we worked on an exchange program called “culture of arts/kultur” Danida Project the exchange brought together a team of 13 committed artistes from Denmark namely from two art organizations.

1. Quonga underground thearte-network in Aarhus(Denmark).
2.Circus tvaers a community based circus project in (Denmark).
We developed lectures at schools about the differences between Kenya and Danish way of life and talked about danish way of life. The climax of the exchange was doing a joint performance in the open in S.O.KO Festival a one day event to exchange,learn from each other the diversities and similarities in Kenya and Danish cultures. Later in April was able to be invited to take part in an underground theatre festival organized by Quonga theatre network where I participated in theatre workshops also Met wonderful fortel I Danmark tellers did performances in Cafe’s in Aarhus.

5 months plan
My plans are I will be doing Marketing for Schools orature progrum performances to schools and participate in Festivals literature in Nairobi, Finish creative course , Do driving

June- July

1. Sigana Festival- the 6th edition Participate in the f estival and do an evaluation of it afterwards . 2. Schools performances-) Orature programme for high planning to perform to a school Matungulu and Nairobi schools.
3. Planning to do marketing for schools storytelling in selected counties. Nyeri ,kericho and nairobi.
4. Meeting and collaborating on 3 upcoming projects in Nairobi. So I will be also discussing with some of the stakeholders.

1. Samosa festival- Participate in the samosa festival in the hadithi night opening night.
2. Finish my workbook and submit it to my examiner in london.

September -november
1. Doing a concept of the blind called Tule Gizani dinning in the dark with stories doing 10 performances.
2. Taking a rest to enjoy the holiday.

plan to resume activities marketing.


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