Creative Entrepreneurship 2014 Class IV Profiles: John Njoroge Kabiru

Let there be light!

Let there be light!

Profile - John

Profile – John

Name: John Njoroge Kabiru
Field: Light Designer and Technician – Electrical Technician
Location: Freelance – based in Nairobi
Facebook: John Kabiru

I am Light Technician, both Film and theatre. My main experience is on Light designing whereby, out of my creativity and experience I bring out concept and guideline of how lighting should look like, how the rigging should be, the type of lighting equipment required for a particular script or performance. Am also an experienced electrician, light installation and rigging technician with six years hand on experience. Currently, based in Nairobi and practicing on freelance bases.

After completing O-level Education I joined intragrobal Training Institute and pursued Certificate and Diploma in Electrical Engineering.

Got a job at The Godown Art Centre where I started up as a dancer doing Hip-hop dance, African tradition dance and contemporary dance. Later on, I got interested on Stage Light and sound technician and after practical training, seminars, workshops and hardworking I am experienced Stage Light designing and installation.

2008-2010: Got into Freelance world, doing both Film and theatre lighting. Among the companies as Film light technician are Kenya Grip Nairobi, Filmstudio Nairobi among others.

2010-2013 ( a break out of theatre and Film): Went out of country For a job as Generator Installation Technician
I am a member of International Organization of Scenographer Theatre Architects, And Technicians (OISTAT)
As well as doing lighting I am also running a Electrical Shop

Sky is the limit

To establish and create wealth, be self sustained and enjoy constant Profit flow through my creative world and also influence and nurture others out of my success.

Training’s and workshops
2006 Feb – Light designer – Makerere Univesity Uganda
2006 jun – Light Designer – Stockholm Sweden
2007 – Light Designer – Godown Art Center
2011 – Generator installation – Supreme Global Solution




Group Performance

Group Performance




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