Creative Entrepreneurship 2014 Class IV Profiles: Nyakiige Ndugu



Profile - Nyakiige

Profile – Nyakiige

Name: Nyakiige Ndugu
Field: Designer – Interior Design and Accessories Design
Based: Nairobi
Social Media: Nyakiige Ndugu (Facebook)

Creative Enterprise Bio
After a long day of hard work, everyone deserves to go home to a comfortable and beautiful space. Residential interior design offers the opportunity to offer Kenyans from different backgrounds a space that will be a representation of our diverse culture, offer comfort and relaxation, enhance the functions of the home unique to every space and offer a beautiful and pleasing environment that will increase productivity and function amongst the home owners. Creating unique spaces for the clients also gives them personalized spaces that are suited for their needs and desires and it also challenges the designer to keep the creative juices flowing.

Fashion and accessories design offers a platform to make items that can be worn, used or placed somewhere for aesthetics. When making items that are to be worn, the designer learns about the style of the client and the event where the ornament is to be worn. Studying various body types and body shapes is also very important. The designer also strives to create designs that honor our African heritage but keep in touch with modernity and what is happening in the global community. The accessories bring out a feeling of uniqueness, beauty and culture. The accessories enhance the physical beauty and the inner beauty of the client. This gives them a glow and a confidence to strut on the pavements like they are on international runways.

The accessories become a representation of beautiful and cherished memories for the owners.

Creative Journey
When I was five years old, an intrigue for my mother’s high heeled shoes and make up grew. I would try and replicate her look every day. I felt so confident in those oversized shoes. At that time, I thought I’d be a model one day. I started watching Style with Elsa Klensch on CNN when I was around eight years old. This exposed me to the international fashion industry. When I was twelve years, I won a national competition in poetry for Cadburys Limited. My teacher at the time, Mr. Mutuku encouraged me to pursue a career in the creative world. In high school I took his advice and did Art and Design and topped the class for three years. I got an A- in the subject and this gave me an assurance to pursue an Art and Design course in my higher learning. I did a certificate course in Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts in Graphics Design before joining the University of Nairobi to pursue a B.A. Design. The first two years I got to do a lot of general art and design studies such as free hand drawing, technical drawing, painting, printing, tie and dye, batik, 3D art, history of art, basic business studies and many more. The third year was the specialization year. I was torn between fashion and interior design. I attended both classes for a while before settling for Interior Design. I graduated with First class honors in August 2013. Since then I’ve been working towards self-discovery and creating a brand that will help me offer the best of my creativity to the world.

Vision Statement
To create a world renowned design brand that offers good quality items that are sustainable , environmentally friendly, beautiful and functional .The brand represents the ever- evolving African culture and works with Africans from all walks of life to create outstanding designs that contribute to the development of the continent and offers a platform for creative ideas to grow into great solutions for the global community.

Mission Statement
To create designs that are a true representation of the African Heritage with a touch of modernity, sustainability, function and style




Sample 1 - Cushions

Sample 1 – Cushions

Sample 2 - Cushions

Sample 2 – Cushions

Cushions - Sample 3

Cushions – Sample 3



pouffe - top view

pouffe – top view

Download my Portfolio
12-18 months plan
I plan to register the company as a Limited Company and register with the Ministry of culture, set up the a physical location for the business with a studio space and display space, chase experience and expertise in my industry, outsource for some expert help, collaborate with other creatives, keep to the mission and vision statements, train two individuals who have shown interest in design but lack the funds to go to formal schools, keep Vision 2030 in mind as I work towards contributing to the country, balance financial gain and the deeper meaning of the work and most of all , practice what I’ve learnt during the creative entrepreneurship course.


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