Creative Entrepreneurship 2014 Class IV Profiles: Idi Mureithi


Name idi mureithi
Borne 19th September 1988
Education: diploma in web/graphic design and certificate in (FIKA) financial education for Africa
Profession: graphic /web designer, events planner specializing mostly in decorations, ambience and Props.
Contacts: Email: / and Cell: 0712995780 / 0788365 185


In search of a talent within me, I landed in the football pitch, swimming pools and any other major sports around but in them I found no luck because they never unleashed anything creative within me.

I therefore made an effort to be a young entrepreneur in the year 2008. I got a small stall (kiosk) by the roadside and a small business cropped up but within no time the stall was demolished with the valid reason for the Road expansion. After that I landed a job as a storekeeper in my friend’s company.

With time I got interested in watching people around me playing around with fabrics thus creating amazing patterns and as if to sugar coat the whole idea they used to get money out of it. This motivated me and suddenly I got a lot of zeal to engage in the same field. The fabric field.

To enhance and upgrade my skills I made Google my friend ,YouTube became a teacher I never had. I invested my time watching all the details that are important in the field of Décor, Events planning and most of all Ambiance and props.

In 2011 I had managed to create a events decorator out of me. with each day being a creative day, a day that should dawn with a new important yet fancy idea in the Events field.The main important issue being able to communicate with the clients and delivering according to their demands.

“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” So said Rumi, I found a niche in the Events field and in it I strive to bring positive yet beautiful change in it.

To have a successful career in ICT, Events and business support services found on efficiency, quality service, intensive and extensive research based on practice and innovations.

18 Months Plan

.To Establish my own Events Company Dice Mind which is now in operation.

.To Launch a reality local show about Hair.










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