Creative Entrepreneurship 2014 Class IV Profiles: Ingabire Giscard AKA Gis





Name :Ingabire Giscard
Occupation : Music producer/sound engineer
Location : Nairobi/Kenya
Nationality : Burundian/Burundi

Twitter: @Igiscard
Linkedin:Ingabire Giscard

Ingabire Giscard also known as Gis is a music producer and sound engineer whose interest in music was developed since his childhood. At age seven, he started playing a traditional instrument (inanga) while at fourteen he played the guitar in Burundi where he attended High school and University.

The inception of his creativity started when his desire to do music urged him to play with the various bands in Bujumbura, Rwanda among other places which he did. He spent most of his time in studios getting oriented with music production tools among other skills.

His goal to become professional at his passion inspired him to attend a fully-fledged school of audio engineering and music production in Nairobi where he graduated two years ago.

Currently working at Ketebul Music where he is tasked to run a variety of projects with different artists like Makadem ,OlithRatego, gospel artists among others.

He has produced, jingles, soundtracks ,adverts for television specials and has a wealth of networks both local and international that he collaborated with.He is also a former participant of the ‘Kenya music week’ as one of the chosen music producers and ‘Broadcast film and music in Africa’ as one of the sound engineers.

To create a top quality, leading audiovisual company.

To be a leader in sound production in East Africa.
To produce highest quality products in mixing and mastering.
To provide opportunities and resources to assist musicians in their career development.



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