Creative Entrepreneurship 2014 Class IV Profiles: Newton Kweya



Name: Newton Kweya
Artistic Discipline: Storyteller
Group: Zamaleo Arts

My name is Newton Kweya a storyteller by profession working with Zamaleo arts and culture trust. At Zamaleo act I have learnt very many skills in regard to storytelling but the one standing out is how to use participatory storytelling. This skill increases ones interaction with the audience and makes you one with them.

The art of storytelling is an old art form that is not much used nowadays. We in Zamaleo want to preserve this old tradition and use it in oir everyday life to pass skills and knowledge as well as entertainment just like in the olden times. Not many groups are doing storytelling theatre in Kenya as many of them have gone into acting and film.

Storytelling theatre is a viable source of income. We always get audiences of all ages. Its quite an important aspect especially in our school curriculum for it is used to teach morals and enhance speaking, listening and critical thinking to the pupils. Also its a compulsory unit for secondary school students in the form of oral literature and fasihi simulizi. We are always invited to schools for oral literature sessions for a fee thus we are able to sustain ourselves from this income.

The demand for Oral literature and fasihi simulizi is high thus we are always booked all year round.

Storytelling is the best of art forms as it enables you to share with your audiences your experiences one on one!


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