Creative Entrepreneurship 2014 Class IV Profiles: Amunga Eshuchi



Name: Amunga Eshuchi
Occupation: Lead Photographer, Enigma Images.
Location: Based in Nairobi
Website / Social Media Links:
Facebook Page: Enigma Images
Twitter: @EnigmaImage

Enigma Images is an imagery company founded by Amunga Eshuchi that specialises in photography – still and motion – thats meant to bring change on a human, environmental or wildlife aspect.

We, therefore, focus on photography for developmental and humanitarian agencies, non-governmental organisations, corporate entities highlighting their Corporate Social Responsibility activities as well as wildlife conservancies and conservation agencies

Life Cycle
I happened on photography by accident. In 2003, I was planning to study cinematography in the US but because I would not bribe an official at the immigration department, my passport got delayed for over two months. Therefore, I missed my admission deadline thrice.

I was told to re-apply but it was a really long process and I was really discouraged. So, to occupy my time, I begun reading about photography. A year later, a close friend gave me his camera and told me, ‘If you don’t do something about this photography thing you keep talking about, you’re a punk.”

Two months later, I quit my job and begun taking images for pay.

I also got into Documentary photography by accident. I was given a flash by the same friend but it wasn’t working. I took it to a technician and it took him over four months to try and fix it. Eventually I gave up on it and taught myself how to shoot without any artificial light. As I researched on styles of photography, I realized that there was a genre of photography that actually took advantage of natural light rather than artificial light. It also helped that it leaned towards telling stories, which was what I loved. In no time, I took to it and never looked back.

In 2009, I did a creative entrpreneurship course with the British Council and Strathmore and it really helped me shape my still small one man operation to a well known photography outfit.

With conservation, I got hooked when I was contracted by the Kenya Wildlife Service to build an image database for them and to create imagery for the ‘Twende Tujivinjari’ local tourism campaign. It was the first time they were using a local photographer dedicated to providing images for them. I loved it. But I also grew to love nature and to want to do something about keeping it for future generations.

Fast forward to 2011. I decided I wanted to stop operating as an individual and pursue expanding myself as a business. I tried getting into two partnerships but it they didn’t work. So in 2013, I finally registered my business and joined this course to sharpen my knowledge and to glean what I may have forgotten over the years since 2009.

Vision / Mission
Enigma Images to be the go-to organization for developmental organisations who want exquisite imagery for branding or reporting purposes across all forms of visual media. Enigma is also going to be known as the brand that got the Kenyan public more engaged in conserving their environment, flora and fauna.




Conservation  - Lion

Conservation – Lion

Documentary - Class setting

Documentary – Class setting

Documentary - in the forest

Documentary – in the forest


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