Creative Entrepreneurship 2015 Class V Profiles: Nabisenke Teddy

Teddy Cover

Nabisenke Teddy

Nabisenke Teddy

Artist Profile
Name: Nabisenke Teddy
Occupation: Fine Artist
Location: Kampala, Uganda
Social Media: Tsenke (page)
Email: teddynabisenke[at]yahoo[dot]com or teddynabisenke[at]gmail[dot]com

Creative Journey
Nabisenke Teddy, is a visual artist working in fashion crafting, jewelry making and installation Art. She addresses social issues such as human trafficking, poverty, family planning and HIV in her work. Studied from Magaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Arts, Makerere University and graduated with Art History as a major. In order to closely interact with the public, Teddy is particularly active and finds her love in street art festivals for example; LaBa! Street Arts Festival, Bayimba International Festival of the Arts, Fashion shows, for example on 8th March 2013, the international Women’s Day was blessed with Tsenke wearable art crafts as Uganda was celebrating 50 years of independence, which were made out of sacks, ropes and bark-cloth addressing issues of Family planning and the need to preserve nature.

While on the 7th LaBa! Arts Festival “Open Studio”, she was a selected Jewelry artist using both organic and inorganic materials….”l love utilizing anything around me, especially what people see as waste”. And that statement emphasizes, why she has been selected twice as a Speaker at TEDx (2013 and 2014) events to discuss her material utilization in Art.
Her installation Okutambula Kulaba Okudda Kunyumya (If you’ve travelled you’ll have a story to tell) was directed at both the victims of human trafficking and the governments who are indifferent to the realities of it.

Nabisenke, also dressed two women in sacks and ropes in her fashion series Family Planning, the sack being symbolic of children and the rope representing the contraceptives. She finds that visual art is an appropriate language to dialogue with her audience about such issues.

Selected Group Exhibitions
2015 Okutambula Kulaba Okudda Kunyumya, 32° East | Ugandan Arts Trust, Kampala
2014 KLA ART 014: The Journey, Nommo Gallery, Kampala, Uganda
2014 Spiritual and Secular, Makerere Art Gallery, Kampala Uganda
2013 Family Planning, International Women’s Day, Sheraton Hotel, Kampala, Uganda

2014 Trash on Fashion, Bayimba International Festival, National Theatre, Kampala, Uganda
2013 Open Studio, LaBa Street Art Festival, Goethe-Zentrum Kampala

2015 32° East | Ugandan Arts Trust, Kampala, Uganda
2015 Go Down Art Cent re, Nairobi, Kenya


Tsenke wearable

Tsenke wearable






My vision as an artist is to dialogue with the public about societal issues using art.

As an interactive installation Artist, I make and create works of Art which can dialogue with the public about social-political issues. Keeping in mind that the works of Art communicate both to me and the public.

18 months Plan
For my 18 months plan I intend to;
To embark on research on the impact of Art residencies to the practice of an Artist. And at the end, a conclusion will be drawn by the researcher using a series of works of Art portraying different artistic feelings of the approached Artists.


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