Creative Entrepreneurship 2015 Class V Profiles: Mike Mutenyo – VKP

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Occupation: Singer at VKP
Location / Base:Based in Nairobi, Kenya
Online Footprint:
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Twitter: @fatha_vkpmusic and

FathaLody is a singer, creative entrepreneur, social media enthusiast and the third member of gospel group VKP.
He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Economics and Sociology) from the University of Nairobi and in the past three years has had a stint working in two big banking institutions in the country before venturing fulltime into music at the beginning of the year 2015.

VKP, the group in which he sings, are the 2015 Groove awards nominees Group of the year category, three time nominees in the Africa Gospel Music Awards and a host of several local and international awards.

This journey began in the year 2002. FathaLodywent to a catholic school St, Peters Seminary-Mukumu in Kakamega County for his high school studies with a sole purpose of later becoming a Catholic Priest. That’s where and how his stage name came about! Coined from the title with which catholic priest are referred to i.e. Father so and so. Things didn’t turn out as planned as by the second year in high school he started to gain interest with music; there was a revolution in the Kenyan music scene and local music was getting a lot of airplay; He began performing songs of other artistes’ songs in school functions, during the weekly debate session in school and in talent searches back home in Mumias when schools are closed. His family never had an issue with this as they saw it as a hobby and it will pass once through with adolescence.

In high school he formed a group called ‘The Wizzards’ who later broke up when they reached in form three. He went solo in his final year and during the second term, an aunt of his in Nairobi who had spotted his growing passion in music asked him to come to Nairobi and facilitate his meeting with Lucas the producer of Ogopa Deejays, who at the time were the freshest label in town working with young talent. Yes he came to Nairobi but he never got to meet the producer. Instead he connected him to another producer in Kakamega where he frequented the place in the year 2005 in his last year.

FathaLody passed his national exams and got a chance to join the University of Nairobi in 2007, that’s the year he did his first recording with MaichBlaq and the Herbalist, a song called ‘I Love you My Girl’. His genre was Dancehall/Ragga
Between 2007 and 2009 he did two songs at JominoOffcourse and at Kidrays Studio in Ngara as a secular artiste. FathaLody’s two other siblings who followed him by birth were also budding artistes but still in high school. One in Starehe Boys Centre, the other Mang’u High School.

FathaLody got saved and accepted Jesus as his Lord and savior in August 2009 and began singing gospel music. When the youngest of the three siblings cleared school that’s when the idea of forming a group came about and VijanaKwa Pulpit Youth Group was formed and registered in June 2010 under which they launched a compilation cd of their individual projects, this was on 19th December 2010 at City Hall Nairobi.

They took a break from music recording in the whole year of 2011 to do school missions and do a programme of visiting children homes and the Children with Cancer at Kenyatta NationalHospital, the project was called PataAfueni. FathaLody was clearing his University studies and the other member Walman was also joining the same University thus the break was warranted.

In December 2011 VKP was formally formed, and the name of the group VKP are initials derived from the Youth group they had formed- VijanaKwa Pulpit.

Forming VKP the gospel group up to now
VKP (VijanaKwa Pulpit) is an urban gospel group from Kenya, made up of blood brothers FathaLody (Michael Mutenyo), Walman (LawrenceMutenyo) and Trigga (BrianMutenyo). The three make up probably one of the best gospel outreach and entertainment groups from Africa in these times.

It is at the beginning of 2012, that VKP released their debut single and video titled ‘Fantasy’, a project worked on jointly by Kenya’s Homeboyz Studios and Ogopa Deejays. The mileage gained since then is more than many people’s expectations as the song received extensive play on gospel shows locally, across Africa and abroad. From then the group has been releasing 4 songs a year and they launched their debut 13 songs album titled T.O.L.O.I.SA (initials standing for The Only Lasting Option Is Salvation) on 31st May 2015. This was made possible through the support of Kingdom Music, a label owned by Saint P their producer who has been instrumental in the group’s musical prowess and finding a sound for VKP. VKP’s musical style is their sound called Socapuka, which is a fusion of Kapuka and Soca music. The style is greatly influenced by the Kenyan sound, Kapuka

Since they started working together as a group (2011), they have received massive accolades and awards for their releases and performances including;

2015 Groove Awards: Group of the Year (Kenya)

2014 Africa Gospel Music Awards: Afro Rap Artiste of the Year (London, UK)
2014Mwafaka Awards: Group of the Year (KENYA)

2013 Africa Gospel Music Awards: Afro Rap Artiste of the Year (London, UK)
2013 Mwafaka Awards: Group of the Year (KENYA)
2013 XtreemTeeniez Awards: Group of the Year (KENYA)
2013 XtreemTeeniezAwards:Naija Fusion of The Year (KENYA)

2012 Africa Gospel Music Awards: Discovery of the Year
2012 Talanta Awards: Best Upcoming artiste (out of the U.S.A)
2012 Mwafaka Awards : Most Promising Artiste (KENYA)

‘I want to propel VKP to the top so that we can cement our position as the best gospel group ever to come out of Kenya; true and deeply rooted in the gospel, professional and out to bring about real social change in our society through our music’

‘Take the Gospel of Christ to the world through our music usingSocapuka, our sound, as the vessel.’


Album Cover

Album Cover

T.O.L.O.I.SA  Cover Art

T.O.L.O.I.SA Cover Art

VKP with album producers Saint P and Vicky Pondis during the dedication of the cd during the TOLOISA album launch on 31st May 2015 at Bavaria Gardens.

VKP with album producers Saint P and Vicky Pondis during the dedication of the cd during the TOLOISA album launch on 31st May 2015 at Bavaria Gardens.

FathaLody on stage at the 2015 TOLOISA Album Launch

FathaLody on stage at the 2015 TOLOISA Album Launch

12 months plan
July 2015: Release a music video of a song in the new album released in May 2015
August 2015 to March 2016: Album tour in 10 towns in the country namely Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Kakamega, Mumias, Eldoret, Kitale, Machakos, Bungoma

July 2015 to February 2016: Record collaborations with three established acts which are songs to be included in the second album
December 2015: Organize our 5 years anniversary concert at their home church Mamlaka Chapel. Ghana’s top gospel group will be in attendance for support.

June 2016: Tour London, in the UK for performances in churches and Festivals.

Video Links
Metameta (official video 2015):
Imela -vkpft saint p (official video):
In love by vkp:
Matata -vkp:
Yule – vkp&mr seed:
Mapenziyao – vkp:
Fantasy- vkp:


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