Creative Entrepreneurship 2015 Class V Profiles: Rachel Stephanie Akinyi

Performing at Fatuma's Voice at Pawa 254 Hub

Performing at Fatuma’s Voice at Pawa 254 Hub

Rachel stephanie
Name: Spontaneous (Rachel Stephanie Akinyi)
Location: Nairobi,Kenya
Website links:
Facebook page: Spontaneous tree house
Twitter: @Spontaneousray
Blog: Spontaneous tree house
Facebook: Rachel Stephanie
Linked-In: Rachel Akinyi

Spontaneous is a floet,a researcher and an enthusiast of humanitarian works.
She pursued Bsc Applied Statistics with computing in The University of Eldoret and worked at Mill-ward Brown Research company as a data clerk and Quality control checker.

Due to her passion for humanitarian works she has worked as a volunteer at The Cerebral Palsy Society of Kenya back in 2012.
Recently with the aid of other friends Mitema Music crew and Wen Music team an event was organized for the Good Samaritan children’s home
Currently working with a team of poets, The Petals Voice partnering with Creatives garage and Sema APP with an aim of bridging the gap of sexual abuse

Amidst all Spontaneous stands out as a floet,
Floe-try is basically the performance of lyrical poetry .
As a floet stage is my closest companion,
This is where all the penned or printed work is brought to life like how my mentor puts it “Its on that stage that creativity is either nailed or killed”

Well I have been a poet, a singer and an actress, as well as a social worker and a mentor for practically my whole life.
Dating back from 1998 I remember always telling my friends that I would be a musician someday,actually even had my own references and trained my voice to sound like there’s,Tiner Turner,Whitney Houston but I remember Mariah Carey stole the day with those high notes. I always refer to music as my first love but later in the years I now understand my own identity as a floet.
By then I was in class2.
We used to have this English teacher who for some reason thought I was a poet. She gave me a recital to cram but I didn’t. Reason being I thought poetry were for the illusioned but music well you couldn’t even compare,that was a dream come true. I remember being caned to cram the recital.
Two consecutive days of some serious caning was enough to make me master that piece and evoke emotions as required. This is where my journey of school competitions began,attending every drama and music festival as a solo verse poet.
The inspiration behind this was triggered by the fact that my second recital that year qualified for provincials as the only piece that represented the school.
That to me was a major breakthrough and a turning point for the positioning of poetry in my life. Music still runs in my veins,far from being divorced.

My very first penned piece was a solo verse in form3 (2008) for a music festival performance. Basically that’s how my love story of both the pen and the diary went a notch higher.
After high school there’s always the question of what next. The social Media to be precise face book is a credited app on my side. It is here that I met other poets and
a platform to present my second original piece in a whole new level.
In 2010, I get to attend the workshop HISIA ZANGU POETRY founded by Namatsi Lukoye and my path starts marking its bearing.

Later I am invited to Street Poetry where I meet Heart The band and now the lyrical poetry performance slowly begins to sink in.
This is the time where my poetry got married to My passion for music.
During the same period, I joined the bombshell theater group as a poet. Its funny though I ended up being an actress for another group through this.
Thanks to the director James Webbo who now acts at the Gumbaru School ,i got a part that in cooperated musicality, I must say its the singing that won me the award,The best actress certificate at the KYAFP(Kariobangi Young Adult Youth Friends Programme) competitions.

A year later we shifted to Ngong road,I attended the sacred Heart Ng’ando church and fortunately got the chance to do a spoken-word in their outlined events of the day. Later a member of the church who is a script writer approaches me asking if I could direct his play. I share my experience as an actress and the greenness I have towards the directing field. He encourages me to try out…A reflection of Moses plays its part. And yes I get to direct a play for the regional competition. Now that was some major hustle,yet so much fun,but above all thanks to the experience and the help of James Webbo and the script writer,the knowledge gained is priceless.

In 2013,While at campus I meet Ordinary mind who introduces me to platforms in Eldoret. Here is where I met my very first mentor who took me through the technicalities involved In poetry professionalism.
Thanks to this poet i become part of a beautiful poetic family in Eldoret,THE ONE NIGHT STAND POETRY,Alas! The rebirth of a Floet,a collaboration with enigma the poet. And my second own composition piece is staged. “FIGHT FOR LIGHT”
More avenues for marketing myself are presented.

After campus is done and am forced to pack my bags back to Nairobi. Tactics change and we are now back to square one. Word still needs to get out there.
So I ask a friend from HISIA ZANGU POETRY to introduce me to other poetry platforms. References are done and FATUMA’S VOICE graces my first performance of the piece “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.Later am referred to SLAM AFRICA where I did the piece “Mad Man”,Then an invite to POETRY EXPERIENCE follows,
This earns a collaboration with a fellow poet for the piece “ Poetry is Dead”

Well starting out on this new job as an assistant cashier at Uchumi Capital Center with weekday off days,September 2014 to date,Faced with the challenges of not being able to attend the weekend poetry sessions,research needs to be done.
I speak to a poet to find out if there are any weekday poetry events. He introduces me to THE PAL by Kenneth B,Where I get the chance to share a piece I had hidden in the closet for quiet sometime “I AM ALLERGIC”.The most recent piece I have done thanks to a fellow poetess was at THE KWANI OPEN MIC “Write”and thus my first you tube video is graced year 2015.
Well I usually share my pieces mostly on my face book page and notes. Feel free to pop in on the notes mentioned above through this link

Its during this life-cycle and passion to achieve dreams through floe-try that the children’s home project came to light,year 2015.Thanks to the Mitema Music Crew.. and Wen Music Official..
The inspiration of registering a CBO is 90% derived from this experience and the zeal to nurture gifts and talents thanks to ideas derived from the team.
Currently THE PETALS VOICE is what we are working on. Its an initiative of poets that aim at bridging the gap of sexual abuse through poetry scripts,performances and holding forum sessions to this effect in Kenya.





With Kaka Sungura

With Kaka Sungura

I want to be a well-established floet both locally and internationally,Branded for touching and Inspiring persons of all generations through sharing my experiences in a lyrically poetic form.

My mission is to:
To impact on peoples lives positively and enhance the need for social morality
through stage performances,Voice overs and published articles.

18 Month Plan
• Create more time for art.
• Record an audio.
• Be part of a team/Band .
• Create more time for interviews pending.
• Do performances on at least 3 new platforms

• Connect with visual artists
• Write atleast 10 Diversified pieces insynch with visual art
• Diversification of pieces in relation to current issues,culture
• Do not less than 5 perfomances in relation to this

• On a children’s home project in mind
• On Platforms,persons,works available to further the growth of floetry
• On how to synchronize Visual arts and floetry
• On the Use of poetry and Sexual abuse.

• Organize atleast 6 children’s home visits
• Work on the children’s home project portfolio
• Register the Children’s home project
• Approach the relevant organizations to push the children’s home project


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