Creative Entrepreneurship 2015 Class V Profiles: Dean Gichukie

Art Kenya

Art Kenya

Dean Gichukie

Dean Gichukie

Name: Dean Gichukie
Occupation: Entrepreneur, Filmmaker
Location/Base: Nairobi, Kenya
Company: Art Kenya
Social Media or Website Links:

My name is Dean Gichukie, and no, I’m not a Dean of any school.

I believe in the power that we as humans have to solve both basic and complex problems for the betterment of our species. I am passionate about Africa, I love Africa and I am a part of growing this potentially world changing continent. I am Based in Nairobi, Kenya, Africa.

A trained and practicing filmmaker, I am inspired by the talent and hard work portrayed by artists here in Kenya and across Africa, and I am a way to market and distribute their Art, profitably and for the long term.

Simply, I am an artist and entrepreneur who helps other artists sell and live off their art.

Creative Journey / Creative Life-cycle
After working as a film-maker for three years in the small but growing Kenyan film industry, I realized the difficulty of the average artist to sustainably live off their art.

I have written, performed on stage and on screen and been a producer in several short films, plays and TV series.


Art for Sale on Art Kenya

Art for Sale on Art Kenya

Art for Sale 2

Art for Sale 2

To be the creative and industry driving force in the Kenyan creative Industry

To enable the average Kenyan artist, creative and financial sustenance from their art.


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