Creative Entrepreneurship 2015 Class V Profiles: Fridah Oyaro

Big Dot Inc.

Big Dot Inc.

Fridah Oyaro

Fridah Oyaro

NAME: Fridah Oyaro
Occupation: Graphic designer and illustrator, Founder-Bigdot studio
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Facebook: and

Fridah Oyaro is a graphic designer, illustrator and entrepreneur. Her work is guided by the belief that meaningful innovation requires a deep understanding of the people who will use what she creates and the changing world that surrounds them. She developed an early interest in graphic design as a way to integrate three distinct passions: helping organizations find their voice, exploring the power of the written word, and celebrating the ways smart visual solutions can make people sit up and take notice. She is determined to open her own design agency and she’s been focused with the aim of achieving that. Always at the core of her work is the understanding that design can make a positive difference in people’s lives. Her thirst for business and coming up with innovative ideas is enthusiastic.

I first developed an interest in Art through competing with my brother on who could draw better between us. We used to pick one of our favorite cartoon characters and draw them, my parents would judge and the person who had the best drawing would be exempted from attending to dishes for a whole day.
Between the ages of 6-9 I had the privilege of doing art and craft before it was abolished from the curriculum. I used to love playing with the crayons and pencil colors when drawing and I would come up with such amazing artwork for my class work. We would come up with drawings which we were meant to present to our parents during prize giving day and I remember my work being selected as the best and I was awarded a sketching book and crayons.

During my upper primary years, my friend and I teamed up and started making handmade cards for birthdays and the 2 major seasons of the year Easter and Christmas. We used to draw the Easter bunny and its eggs then for Christmas, Santa Claus would do the trick. We would then distribute the cards to our best friends and closest family members. I used to help my fellow. I also used to draw geographical diagram for my classmates who had a hard time in sketching accurate diagrams.

In high school I started decorating writing pads and envelopes for fellow students who were sending mails to their boyfriends in other schools and in return they buy me bread and snacks at the school canteen.

In 2012, I joined a one year course where I was taught graphic design, web design and entrepreneurship. I graduated first in my class and I was awarded my very first laptop. I decided to specialize in graphic design after exploring web design and realized it wasn’t my cup of tea. The graphic design skills I learnt were not enough to get me hired so I decided now that I had a laptop I could make better use of the internet. I went online and started teaching myself how to properly use the design software through tutorials and also inspirations from what other designers were doing. After a lot of research, I realized that I could also do illustrations since drawing has always been part of me. Eventually, I did online short courses to upgrade my skills.

I also joined the ihub community in early 2013 and being in the space helped me to network with different people mainly designers who have made it in the industry. I did a lot of pro-bono work just to grow my skills and in the process, I found two mentors: one a graphic designer and another is an illustrator. The mentors have greatly contributed in my journey as a creative.
Currently, I operate as a freelancer and 90% of the work I get is through referrals from my previous clients.


Clients work on Magazine

Clients work on Magazine

Clients work on Magazine  1

Clients work on Magazine 1

Clients work on Magazine  2

Clients work on Magazine 2

Clients work on Magazine  3

Clients work on Magazine 3

Clients work on Magazine  4

More Clients Work

More Clients Work

More of our work

More of our work

Media interviews

To enrich both the business and its customers through effective visual solutions.

To meet and surpass the expectations of our clients. We create and design works that are successful, timely, professional and on target with defined objectives.

1. Result oriented
2. Creativity
3. Time conscious
4. Quality work

JUNE –JULY 2015:
1. Register a sole proprietorship.
2. Contracts, copyright, KRA.
3. Bank account.

1. Business plan
2. Business model

1. Market research
2. Pricing issue

1. Branding and Identity of the company

1. Marketing ( Social media Marketing)
2. Customer Acquisition
3. Media

1. Physical office
2. Office equipment
3. Hiring employees


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