Creative Entrepreneurship 2015 Class V Profiles: Carolyne Otieno

Yoga sessions

Yoga sessions

Name: Carolyne Otieno
Occupation: Yoga practitioner
Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Carolyne is my name, born and raised in Nairoibi , am a yoga instructor teaching 5 styles of yoga prenatal, postnatal power yoga Ashtanga yoga and yoga for cancer patientsI have been teaching yoga for 4 years now. I spend most of my time sharing yoga to remand institution, prisons, organisations, studios and homes. my main influence as a teacher is the feedback i get from my students. i believe sharing yoga will help change my community.

I get satisfaction in being a stand, and supoort to my clientele during transitions wether its in their stay at prison to later join communities, or through birthing.

Life Cycle
Since I was young I loved everything about body movement, when I was in primary school I was a member of a dance club. Was also in a football club. My mother used to motivate me in what I was doing. In high school I participated in marathons and also represented my school in football matches.

Immediately after high school before my results were out I did a customer relation course that was sponsored by a youth organization. I was lucky to get a job at a driving school as a receptionist . The job became boring since I used to sit the whole day, so I had to quit the job when I received my first salary this disappointed my parent a lot. I started visiting sarakasi and doing basic acrobat

Had a friend who used to tell me about yoga but I was never interested because my friends used to tell me that yoga is demonic , I resisted for 4 months but he kept on pushing me. One Saturday morning I decided to go and attend a yoga session, I did not carry any extra clothes since I thought we will sit and meditate for 2hours.

To my surprise we had a physical body exercise, after class I was so sweaty that I could not go home, I had to call my sister to bring clothes for me. I went home feeling relaxed and at the back of my mind I knew this is what I wanted. I started attending free classes every Saturday without being pushed by any one and I stopped going for acrobat classes.

At one of the Saturday classes I heard an announcement that they were offering a teacher training so people should apply. I took that opportunity and applied I was chosen and did my Ashtanga teacher training. Thats how i became an Ashtanga yoga teacher in 2012. In 2013 I did a power yoga level 1 and 2 teacher training I started teaching school prisons, rehabilitation centers and also deaf schools since I had learnt sign language.

In 2014 I started teaching cancer patients, at some point I wanted to quit teaching these patients because others use to come with breathing pipes in class but I took that as a challenge. I felt stepping up and taking that challenge was the best decision I ever made. I also got an opportunity to be representing yoga in cancer events screening events .I also started teaching prenatal yoga since i had an experience of practicing yoga while pregnant and the benefits that came with it. I wanted to share this experience with pregnant women and new mums, I took online classes, read books and attended prenatal classes at a studio every week and thats how I started teaching prenatal yoga. In 2015 I went for a prenatal teacher training in Uganda which came with a postnatal training in it and I was certified. Thats how am able to teach 5 different styles of yoga.


Yoga: Level - Expert mode

Yoga: Level – Expert mode

Stretching exercises

Stretching exercises

Yoga Sessions

Yoga Sessions

Faraja Yoga Sessions

Faraja Yoga Sessions

To be a yoga Teacher who empowers, and leaves students in their greatness

To empower youths through offering yoga trainings to better themselves

12 Months Plan
3 months
reading books
taking oline classes

4 months
Research on where to find midwifes
visiting hospitals
baby shops

3 months
designing fliers,posters and business cards
offering workshops
looking for spaces

2 month
teaching classes


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