Creative Entrepreneurship 2015 Class V Profiles: Linda Barasa

Work Profile Photo
Name: Linda K. Barasa
Occupation: Administrator, Kuona Trust Art Centre
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Social Media: LinkedIn: Linda Barasa

Having grown up in a family of accountants and finance managers, I was made to believe that Mathematics was a core course and career that one had to be engaged in to be successful. My ultimate goal in life was to work at some prestigious bank or a finance department in the corporate sector. Luckily for me, my father has always shown an interest in the arts, visual arts to be precise. Not as keen though to take it as a career, but one can tell from the sculptors and painting he’s been buying overtime, that he’s an art lover. So you can imagine being in a house that’s embodied with arts from the shelves to the walls.

I wasn’t fortunate to take art as a subject in both Primary and Secondary level of my education. Thus it never crossed my mind that arts was a course to go after in the University leave alone a career. In fact I never knew that such was offered in the local university or there were colleges that offered art courses.

Arts to me was a hobby, a part time hobby that one engages in after a long day. I always looked at it as a way of winding down a long day. I used to draw sketches when I was bored and when I needed to express my current mood. But now I look at it differently from a different perspective.

Yes am not that good in drawing and blending colors, but there’s something I can do which is still directly involved in the visual arts industry. Which is why I now sit in as the Administrator in one of the most vibrant visual arts space in the country, Kuona Trust Art Centre. I’ve attended a couple of art workshops which held at the centre and I look forward to finally have my sketches canvas or hanging somewhere in my house.

I’m also passionate about health and community service activities (giving back to the community) something that has seen me been actively involved with AMREF Health Africa and Kenya Red Cross Society where am still a volunteer with Parklands Branch.

Creative Journey/ Life-cycle
I’m at the formative stage of my career. It all started out as a Voluntary assignment when GoDown Art Centre accepted my application for the Nai Ni Who? Project they were running back in 2013. When I got to the space, I was thrilled buy the creative organizations that were based there but mostly what caught my attention was the visual art studios. Immediately I knew that this is the type of working setting that I would be interested in working in. In fact this is what I what I wanted. To work in an environment that’s full of all types of work. Through GoDown I knew of other art space located in Nairobi from the fliers I picked in their offices that had ongoing art exhibitions. I promised myself to visit Kuona Trust and I did. From the gate to the shade studios every single detail of the space breathed art.

‘This is it’! I kept telling this to myself. The very type of working environment that I’ve always admired and wished I was in. Which is why I didn’t hesitate to write an application to be part of the managerial team. My application was accepted, and I was thrilled when the opportunity was presented to me. I couldn’t hide my joy. I wanted to start immediately. I was placed in the Library and office as the Assistant Administrator at a Volunteer capacity a position which I was actively involved in from assisting with the art events, exhibition and even the very first art fair to be held in the country, Kenya Art Fair.

Later on December 2014 I was absorbed into the team as an Administrator. A journey that has seen me explore the arts industry in a different perspective. Every day to me is a learning opportunity that I don’t take for granted. I’ve grasped the basic skills of managing an arts centre, how to manage art events like exhibitions and even the artists. This position has also presented its challenges to me as well and every challenge I tackle I’m reassured that yes am on the right track.


Barasa Linda- Cordinating an open studio

Cordinating an open studio

Taking Minutes in a meeting

Taking Minutes in a meeting

Overseeing Students workshop- Rusinga School

Overseeing Students workshop- Rusinga School

Taking Students for an art tour- Hillcrest School

Taking Students for an art tour- Hillcrest School

Taking Visitors round the studio spaces

Taking Visitors round the studio spaces

Art Inspiration_Kuona Trust

Art Inspiration_Kuona Trust

To be a renowned art curator in the global visual art scene

Formulate art(s) programs and projects that will not only scale up my position in the organization but also enable Kuona to be a self-sustainable arts centre.

I intend to formulate projects and art programs which are income revenue generating to the centre making it possible for us as an organization to move from being fully dependent on donors and participate in various art projects in the region.


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