Creative Entrepreneurship 2015 Class V Profiles: Willie Gichora

Mashariki East

Mashariki East

Name: Willie Gichora
Company: Mashariki Artist Management
Online Presence:

Mashariki Management
Mashariki Artist Management has been created to meet the need for professional artist & talent support services. The creative sector in Kenya is yearning to reach its full potential & it’s my believe that providing management & consulting services to talented individuals will foster the development of this industry. While for a long time, I was just interested in the music industry, I have become increasingly aware of how transferable & customizable my skills are and Mashariki Management will cater to all talented individuals who fit the my client parameters. Through Mashariki, I will be seeking to develop my clients into self-sustaining & accomplished artists.

To create an environment where my clients can be creatively fulfilled and financially successful.

To create & execute development strategies with talented individuals.

1. Quality
2. Loyalty
3. Creativity
4. Respect
5. Honesty

18 Month Plan
In the next 18 months, I would have like to accomplish the following 5 items. Of course the first step of the 18 months, starting 1st August 2015 will be create a timeline & milestone for the accomplishment of these 5 items;

I. Develop internal process e.g. a set of accounts, contacts, fees structure etc.
II. Create a team
III. Find office space
IV. Have a minimum of 3 clients
V. Understand & connect with the local, regional & international visual arts sector.

Mashariki Management

Mashariki Management


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