Creative Entrepreneurship 2015 Class VI Profiles: Jeffie G. Magina


Jeffie G. Magina

Name: Jeffie G. Magina
Occupation: Visual Artist
Location: GoDown Arts Centre

Artist Bio
I am a world class visual artist, an aggressive entrepreneur and a loving father to my lovely daughter Ella Magina. I am a free spirit and its very evident in my art. Currently I get my inspiration from children. I believe my art is for posterity and I intend to leave a legacy behind for other individuals to emulate. Children have a sense of freedom that I admire and they always present an innocent feeling.

I paint with Acrylics, Oil and Mixed media.

Creative Life Cycle
Growing up with a journalist father who travelled a lot and loved animations made me connect to another side of my being hidden from the ordinary. For as long as I can remember I have been in an imaginary world that I can only explain through painting. I sketched a lot when I was younger; I never knew that this was my path. Most of my folks didn’t give my art much attention but I felt that this was my calling. When my dad passed on my life took a twist and I felt no inspiration to draw. It got worse when I lost my mum. I had an arduous childhood; I was only 10 when all this unfolded. I was separated from my brothers and I was basically alone though I had people surround me the void became too much and I resorted back to painting because it was my only escape.

I continued painting using mostly coloured pencils and water color. When I joined high school I started doing graffiti and left painting. I finished school got into business and eventually went on pursuing other disciplines and not art. I graduated with a CPA (K) and a Bachelor’s degree from Strathmore University while working as a Company Accountant in a pension firm. Well, I gave up my career to follow my passion. I became a full time artist in 2014 and I have never looked back since.

In the Studio

In the Studio

I love to express myself through art because this is the only way that I feel I am myself. So basically that me and my journey nabado I still have a long way ahead.


Portfolio 1

Portfolio 1

Portfolio 2

Portfolio 2

Portfolio 3

Portfolio 3

12-Month Plan
In 2016, I intend to hold at least 2 Solo exhibitions and 2 group exhibitions. I also intend to start a children art project dubbed “Chora Chora Art Project” and it will run entirely within my artistic cycle. People should look forward to that project. I also intend to have at least 2 residencies one international and one local. I am also intending to hold art workshops for amateur artists and upcoming artists.

I also intend to create at least 300 art pieces in 2016. And I will number all my art pieces in order of creation.

To inspire the world through my world.

To be an inspiration to future generations.


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