Creative Entrepreneurship 2015 Class VI Profiles: Mutenyo Wamukoya Thaddeus

Anime Tewa

Anime Tewa

Mutenyo Wamukoya Thaddeus

Mutenyo Wamukoya Thaddeus

Name: Mutenyo Wamukoya Thaddeus
Occupation: Cartoonist/Animator (Formative Stage)
Location: Nairobi
Blog Link:
Social Media:
Facebook- Thaddetewa

A cartoonist is a visual artist who specializes in drawing cartoons. My work is often created for entertainment and in future for advertising inform of Animations. I settled to this after being inspired by the animations I used to watch as a young boy Furthermore inspiration from Animators I watched on Tv Interviews.The Likes of Mike Muthiga of Fatboy Animations and Alex Kirui of Makarao tv

Animated cartooning is created for short films, advertising, feature films and television. It is also sometimes used in live-action films for dream sequences or opening titles. An animation artist is commonly referred to as an animator rather than a cartoonist.

I was born November 29 1993 in Mumias, Western Kenya

Finding Voice
My Art lifecycle began way back as a young boy at Mumias Central primary in western Kenya. I attended the art and craft classes that basically centered on teaching basic art creating techniques. Through these classes I learnt basic drawing techniques and drawing using crayons.

I joined Booker secondary school and advanced my knowledge in art and design. I learnt various skills in drawing like Tinting and shading. I Furthermore learnt painting skills; use of different paints, colour mixing techniques and how to handle paint brushes.

Throughout the four year study I got some insights into basic design knowledge, weaving and modeling. For instance my Form four Art and Design final exam project was Mat Weaving. I was also an active member of the Art club that was behind many art events in the school such as designing and decorating halls during school events.

I attained a mean grade of B+ in the main Art and Design exam. This exemplary performance was a proof to myself that I had an above average ability and potential to turn art into a full time profession.

Formative Stage
I started my cartoon drawing first out of my own motivation. My elder brother liked my passion for cartoon drawing that he introduced me to his former Campus classmate and friend Alex Kirui who was already active in his Cartoon drawing and animation career. He really liked my work .He decided to guide me on Cartoon drawing and later train me Animation under a mentorship program with his fast rising Television cartoon series Makarao TV. Through this program I have acquired a number of skills like drawing cartoon sketches in motion, character development and story boarding.

This program is still on and I’m learning more on Character Sketching and 2d Animation.

In March 2014 I got a chance to work with E-Sketches Visual Artist Edwin Onyango as the junior artist and co-director in his various projects. Through his pop art project I learnt how to mix bright colors while doing wall paintings on canvas. I have learnt also how to stretch a canvas on the fame, priming; how to do a complete canvas wall painting, pricing and marketing a wall painting. This was a good platform to learn entrepreneurship skills.

In 2015 it was more of perfecting my art skill, networking with fellow artists and learning on artist branding. Within this Formative stage of my lifecycle i also embarked on learning how to design with Photoshop and using the tools since was an essential in my Digital character development in animation. Currently I’m not only learning design from Felix the Graphic Designer but also perfecting my cartoon drawing. Then later venture into understanding the 2d Animation software.

My Enterprise: Tewa Studios
It should not only be a leading 2D Animation Production Studio but Also a Home for talented Creative Animators.

To be Patient and Consistent in creating World Class 2D Animations that deliver Great Stories that are entertaining, informative and sensible to both Adults and Children.

1. Cartoon’s

Tewa 1

Tewa 1

Tewa 2

Tewa 2

Tewa 3

Tewa 3

Tewa 4

Tewa 4

Graphic Designs

Annette Tenaya

Annette Tenaya

Erenah Music

Erenah Music

3. Poems

I want to be…
I want to be a mist that appears only in the morning to act as a compass to the lost kids
I want to be a cloud that appears at noon to cover the hungry and dehydrated from the scorching sun
I want to be the rainbow that appears in the evening only to the unfortunate to give them hope in the beauty of life
I want to be an umbrella that appears to cover the women in bondage from the violent society
I want to be an air balloon that will appear in the mind of dreamers to propel them to a high spot.
I want to be a blanket that will appear at night to cover the street kids from the cold.
I want to be a bouncing castle to appear to all the kids who were abandoned in the unknown well.
I want to be a positive energy that lives on and on years to come
Kindly give me space to be who I want to be…

I Stopped Wishing
When i learnt that the universe is like a house of card, it can crumble down anytime
When the rich man’s daughter asked me to give her love then she would pay all my bills
When the pilot gave me the helicopter in exchange for my bicycle
When the soldier gave me his machine gun and asked for my Bible
When the professor gave me his library and asked me to teach him how to paint.
When the rich sick doctor gave me his cheque book and asked for my heart
When the celebrity asked me to stay with him just for a while saying he was bored.
When the teacher asked me to teach about the secret of life
Talk to me when you stop wishing…

18 Months Plan
Business Model
Sell Digital 2D Animations that entertain, educate and advertise a product

Master 2D Animation Software (Anime Studio 9)
Master Video Editing (Adobe Premiere and After Effects)

Be Excellent in Cartoon Sketching-More and More Practice
Get an Efficient Work Station
Graphic Tablet

Funding from Mum to get a better Work Station


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