Creative Entrepreneurship 2015 Class VI Profiles: Rosette Nteyafas

Collage of the Bayimba Live Event Training

Collage of the Bayimba Live Event Training

Rosette Nteyafas

Rosette Nteyafas

Name: Rosette Nteyafas
Occupation: Head of Arts education programs, Bayimba Foundation
Location: Kampala, Uganda
Social Media:

Rosette Nteyafas was born in Kampala, Uganda. She is passionate about the arts and has exceptional skills and experience in coordinating arts events and training programs such as creative writers workshops, arts journalism training, to mention but a few. She has been actively involved in the arts and cultural sector in Uganda for the past 5 years working for the Bayimba Foundation as the head of arts education programs. She enjoys the arts scene and mentoring artists in the development of their artistic skills. She is a poet who has written a poetry anthology which is yet to be published. She enjoys writing poetry that cuts to the souls and also inspires. She has won the literary award first prize for poetry in the 8th National book week festival 24th -30th September 2000. She has some unpublished work that she hopes to get published.

Creative Journey / Life cycle
My Journey in coordinating events and people began in secondary school where I was elected as prayer secretary for the school’s fellowship. Part of my duties as a prayer secretary was to coordinate the speakers and topics for the weekend fellowship when the speaker failed to make it I used drama skits to convene the message. I found it much easier to communicate to the group through short skits. I joined my home church drama group when I was in university I started off as actress but then later on took on the role of coordinating the whole production process of the Christmas cantata. I enjoyed my new role because it gave me an opportunity learn how to run different aspect of a cantata production that is the costume designing, acting, coordinating rehearsals, stage production and script supervision. My abilities didn’t go unnoticed and paved a way for my job as the personal assistant to CEO to Girl Power (Women’s ministry within church). In that position, I coordinated the committee meetings, assisting in facilitation of the international conferences and all details attached to it. After 2 year of working there felt that I didn’t have access to artistic activities. I wanted to be involved in the arts scene. I left that Job, to work for someone else as administrative assistant and later shop supervisor in Boutique that sold African clothing. That is where I met the founder of Bayimba who had an opening in Bayimba, I applied I was given the Job. Since then I have coordinated the training’s for Bayimba and happily get involved capacity building of the artists. It is challenging at times but working with artists and art scene is very inspiring and interesting.

Bayimba is at the point where it is moving towards setting up an academy for arts education although I have been coordinating trainings this direction is a totally new area for me. At the beginning of the course I placed myself in Life cycle at point “the finding voice”. Finding my voice in setting up academy I think that I am now moving towards the formative stage.


Bayimba Creative Writing workshop session

Bayimba Creative Writing workshop session

Pose for Music Teacher's Training  The Workshop Tour

Pose for Music Teacher’s Training The Workshop Tour

The 2015 Photography Training team

The 2015 Photography Training team

To be instrumental in Capacity Building of Artists and arts managers in Uganda and East Africa

To design and develop Practical and relevant arts education programs, courses, training’s with the aim of enhancing artistic skills and professionalism in arts and culture across Uganda and East Africa

18 Months Plan
• Facilitate the process of designing structure courses for Bayimba Academy
• Identify and build partnerships that will strengthen Bayimba Academy
• Set up policies for the teaching staff and students
• Identify the potential tutors / Facilitators for Bayimba Academy
• Create administrative structures for Bayimba Academy
• Facilitate the process of creating a marketing tool for the specific course that will be undertaken in the Academy
• Continue the process of personal capacity building and skills enhancement


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