Creative Entrepreneurship 2015 Class VI Profiles: Saul Muthoka

22 10 15  visit to Kuona and PAWA 062

Saul Muthoka

Name: Saul Muthoka
Social Media Footprint:
Twitter: @docswaleh

Bio/Creative Life Cycle
My creative life cycle started in primary school I used to actively participate in drama group and in plays after high school I joined the Kenya national theatre as an actor. I auditioned for roles in different theatre groups, we travelled many parts of the country performing because it was travelling theatre,it was so challenging because we were rehearsing during the holidays and perfuming when school session were on, sometimes we would travel upcountry and we get no pay, so I left and after sometime I worked as a waiter in Nakuru town, I then went to college Machakos university college, I studied mechanical engineering for three years, I wasn’t happy with the couse but I did it. My passion was in drama and creative sector, after college I went back to theatre this time in a difffrent group,this time we started storytelling, I joined the group Zamaleo which means zamani and leo, Swahili word meaning old and new, I have been actively participating in the group’s activities like marketing and doing some of administration work, in the creative life cycle


A harmonious social coexistence celebrated through expressive cultural arts.

We celebrate creative perfomance through artistic excellence that is informed by constant search and proffesional commitment to .african cultural heritage

18 month plan
1. Rehearsal for workshop/ performance in international school, st Andrews turi from 2nd -4th December
2. Graduation creative entrepreneurship course
3. Rusinga festival workshop / performance 17th -18th December

January-April 2016
• Marketing for school orator programme in high schools
• Preparing for Sigana international festival and sigana moto moto t.v shoot
• Drafting of letters of invitation to guest,participants, sponsers.
• Looking for venue for shoot
• Sourcing for funds
• Preparing the event programme
• Budgeting for shoot/festival
• Attending the meetings with sponsors
• Pitching for funds
• Preforming in high school
• Teaching students story for the shoot
• April performing in the festival and shoot


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