Creative Entrepreneurship 2015 Class VI Profiles: Beth Mbatia

Cover Photo

 Beth Mbatia

Beth Mbatia

Name: Beth Mbatia
Occupation: PR Specialist, Journalist, Fashion-preneur
Location: Nairobi Kenya
I am the concept behind the brand – Dimple Designs

I have graduated with a Bsc. Communications in 2013; Diploma and cert. in Journalism from the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) in 2010.

So far, I have four years of experience as a journalist in print, radio and online reporting with three years of experience in Public Relations. Hoping my knowledge and strategy will help local fashion designers gain visibility to a global platform.

I have a passion for music and guitar is my favorite instrument, which I strum in another journey. I enjoy the process of discovery, thus I am specific to engage in art by adding value.

Picture this – you are a professional who is tired of boring suits to work on a daily basis, you are trendy but need to look decent, smart, unique and expressive. Then a Kenyan brand designs classy, affordable, universal style with an African accent…Voila! There goes Dimple Designs.

Creative Life Cycle
My journey began in 2010 where I was experimenting with random looks and styles in college.

I developed my voice when I finally registered my business name in 2011 and creating specific tailor made designs. It is here that Dimple Designs was registered as a business name.

I proceeded to frequently proper tailor made designs through my crafted sketches and random orders from friends and family. But, the consistency could not be sustained due to untimely delivery from tailors.

In 2014 I realized I there was need for me to learn the basics to be professional in fashion and design. This would be the right step to grow and support my brand Dimple Designs.

August 2015 stuck my formative stage; I began pursuing technical skills in fashion and design, establishing networks and training.

Dimple designs intend to be a universal brand of relevance to professionals who desire an African touch to their business clothing. ‘Dimple designs’ is a Kenyan brand that creates business clothing for professionals with an African accent. The brand intends to satisfy a trendy need that is universal, affordable, and accessible through an online space.


Print Skirt

Print Skirt

Half Coat

Half Coat

Print Scarf

Print Scarf

Bead Work

Bead Work

Baby Coat

Baby Coat

Tieback Top

Tieback Top

To be a universal icon in classy and casual business clothing with an African touch.

To be an innovative brand for professionals seeking a universal style in African business clothing by developing unique designs for both local and international clientele through an online space.

1. To consider Affordable pricing for clients
2. To create Classic designs that is universal in style
3. To develop Innovative trends that are relevant
4. To work Compassionately as a social enterprise brand

18-month plan
September – December 2015:
Define Vision & Mission,Develop Business Model,Develop portfolio,Enhance technical skills on fashion and design ,Build database of key fashion designers ,Network with fashion photographers,Conduct market research ,Network with key fashion designers,Open a business account

January – March 2016:
Buy a machine,Develop a website,Learn graphics design/fashion illustration,Enhance technical skills on fashion and design,Network: Build relevant contacts with relevant tailors,Build confidence through more samples of design work

April- September 2016
Build structures: trademarks,Research and work on legal documentations, forms of registration and tax procedures,Establish Networks with Funding institutions and organizations,Research on international and local outlet distribution network ,Develop an active online presence on social media,Create design pieces,Network in fashion design events

October –December 2016
Develop calendar plan for designs and production,Acquire funding,Branding,Market ,Make sales and distribution

January-March 2017
Participate in shows,Acquire mass producers and labeling,Establish international outlets/partners for display

Photos by Dorcas Mwihaki Muriakanene


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